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Friday, June 8, 2018

Well, the kids are in bed, Andrew and John Paul are at a baseball game, and I've done all the gardening I can manage for the night... How about some quick takes?


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If you're keeping up with me on Goodreads you know that I've started a couple of new books - A Gentleman in Moscow and So Big. Both VERY good so far, and unless they both take some serious turns for the worse, I think I'll be recommending them!


I just got a new Stitch Fix box in the mail! I asked for something I could wear on vacation - Andrew and I are going to Montreal at the end of the month WITHOUT kids to celebrate our 10-year anniversary, and they sent a couple really cute dresses that I have to decide on... Will I get my act together to get pictures & a review post up? We'll see. But if you've been curious about Stitch Fix, right now you can try it for free if you use my referral link, so hooray! Maybe your husband needs a box for Father's Day?


Speaking of Father's Day, my friend Christy showed off these AWESOME socks on Instagram and I had to order a pair for Andrew. If your husband or dad is a total Catholic nerd, he might need a pair as well? I love that the St. Joseph pair just has blank quotation marks on the bottom!!

Anyway, I ordered a pair and they were shipped less than two hours later. That's pretty impressive, IMO. Give it a try!


Unrelated picture of flowers because there weren't enough pictures!

Need other Father's Day ideas? If you don't already have a copy of Drinking with the Saints, you need one. Not only is it fascinating, the recipes are spot-on. And maybe an ice ball maker to go along with it so his drinks don't get watered down? Or if he's a Star Wars nerd, Death Star ice balls. (Warning: these Star Wars ones make really great toys, such that my kids play with them and we've never successfully used them for ice balls because they just make them themselves and then throw them on the sidewalk and eat the ice sooooo... Maybe don't get them if your kids are feral like ours.)

I'm also considering one of the Ticket to Ride expansion packs, since we really like playing the US version. Or one of the millions of ideas on Etsy?


Broccoli, y'all. Do you see how beautiful this is? This is our first year actually growing a decent crop, although it looks like we didn't plant enough. Ah well, live and learn! Our CSA members know this is a learning year...

It's been rough, weather-wise. Unseasonably cold temperatures for longer than usual really did a number to our fruit trees' yields, and the cherry tree is barely producing anything. Then the cold temperatures kept things from sprouting in the garden for a while, and then we ended up with TONS of rain and then really hot temperatures that killed our peas before they had given us more than a few pints. Followed by a total monsoon this past week that flooded roads and fields all over our area. Oof. At least our tomatoes and potatoes are doing well?


This year is our first year signing the kids up for any of the day camps in the area. I may be setting myself up for failure... And high expectations in the future... But I think they'll all enjoy their various camps (John Paul requested sports, Cecilia's doing art & music, and the twins are doing ballet), and hopefully it'll take the pressure off so that they don't actually want to do these activities during the school year? Please?


It's late and I want to go read my book. Signing off for the night! Here's one more flower picture for you:

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