50/52: Gingerbread Time!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Well, I put it on the calendar so it HAD to happen, whether I liked it or not... We made our annual gingerbread house! In the past we've tried different kits, including individual houses for each kid, but honestly? The big Costco kit that comes with the pre-made house is the best. Because it doesn't fall apart.

There were NO TEARS during this gingerbread experience! None!!! It was honestly the most peaceful ever, and that's saying a lot, because it can be incredibly penitential trying to make a gingerbread house with a lot of little kids.

We waited until Edith was down for a nap (well, she didn't nap because she's been nap striking lately, but she was at least in her room for long enough for us to do this), divided the candy evenly into bowls for each kid, and got to work! Even though the bag of icing somehow sprang a leak, making piping an interesting experience, everybody was generally satisfied with their crafting experience.

Even Edith! When I brought her downstairs, she saw the gingerbread house and said, "I helped make it! Wif yoyyipops! And jam!" So it looks like she's convinced she wasn't left out of the fun!

On one of the twelve days of Christmas we'll have "gingerbread day" and the kids will take the house outside, eat every little bit that they can manage, and throw the rest to the chickens. It's honestly one of my most brilliant parenting moves ever, because it means we don't have a nasty stale languishing gingerbread ruin sticking around for weeks, and gets all the excess sugar consumption out of the way quickly. Plus then everyone remembers they don't actually like gingerbread...


  1. That last paragraph cracks me up in so many ways! "Nasty stale languishing gingerbread ruin" indeed!

  2. Hahah that made me laugh, "everyone remembers they don't actually like gingerbread."
    My husband and I got one this year, then quickly realized our 20 month daughter would be no help. Didn't make anything better that we had to stick the sides together and let set for hours..
    Congrats on the lack of tears! I'd say that's quite the feat.

    1. Multiple people have told me they use HOT GLUE to stick it together because they aren't going to eat it anyway 😂😂😂


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