Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas! How is it already Thursday?? That's just how Christmas goes, right? A total blur until suddenly it's January and you're not exactly sure how it got to this point but you're at least happy and full of cheese!

In a fit of nesting, I decided to use what little energy I had and make a Buche de Noel, complete with chocolate bark and meringue mushrooms (the recipe is actually gluten-free if you need ideas!). It wasn't the most beautiful but it was fun and tasty!

As a minor Christmas miracle, none of the kids needed to be taken out of Mass (Edith was enchanted with a lift-the-flap Nativity book for most of the High Mass), although the older kids complained bitterly that we only got to sing two hymns. EVERY week we only sing two hymns, but apparently that's very upsetting when they've been looking forward to singing Christmas songs for so long! Don't worry, we sang plenty on the way home and also after dinner. And will continue every day until February...

Now we're on to whatever activities I have planned for the 12 Days of Christmas, many of which tend to be incredibly lazy on my part, but they make everyone happy!

Have a blessed Christmas season!


  1. We get to sing more hymns at the Mass I usually attend, but I didn't even notice that, because there was SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL MUSIC at the Christmas High Mass!

  2. Merry Christmas!!! I wish we had a Traditional high mass as an option.....!!! a lazy 12 days of Christmas are on my agenda as, books, and Christmas movies!


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