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Saturday, December 29, 2018

We're nearing the end of the year, so I suppose it makes sense to do a roundup of this year's most popular posts—overall, my page views definitely went down significantly because I discontinued the My Sunday Best linkup, but my Sunday stress levels also went down because I wasn't trying to squeeze in a post, so the trade-off was worth it to me!

January's most popular post:

Social Media and the Death of Authentic Friendship — I love the dear, dear friends I've made through social media, but it's always incredibly depressing to see how easily people write each other off solely because of arguments on social media.


7 Steps to Praying the Rosary Every Day — hopefully this got some people praying! Maybe it's your New Year's resolution?


My Sunday Best: Clothing Judgment — "I often hear that it's shallow to show any sort of concern when it comes to outward appearance. That we're worrying too much over material goods. And while I think that can be a valid point, I don't think most people are obsessing about their Mass attire. We want to show proper respect for the Holy Eucharist by dressing a little nicer than usual."


The Best Vocation"By golly, we're a Good Catholic Family and we're going to show it by having THE MOST VOCATIONS TO THE RELIGIOUS LIFE!!!

Oh wait.

That's not the point of vocations."


Small House Living & Belly Banishers—Evidently everyone was really interested both in how we make a 3-bedroom house work for us AND how I get rid of the post partum belly ;)


Friday Night Musings—Really this was a totally random post, but I didn't write much in June, apparently...


Meal Planning and One More Thing—I was trying to figure out why everybody likes meal planning so much and then I realized this was the post where I announced this pregnancy. That explains it!


In the Face of Scandal—You'd think that months later, there would have been some resolution but... Nope.


More Meal Planning—Okay it looks like y'all *do* just really love meal planning posts... Maybe I need to make this a more regular feature!


From a few weeks ago, not from October!

Baby News and Meal Plans—I mean really, what could be better? This was also the post where I wondered if I would ever cut my hair, then never updated anyone... I did cut it!


2018 Shop Small Gift Guide—I love this post! I found so many great shops, and it ended up generating a ton of traffic for these small businesses, which makes me really happy!


Advent-ing—This was a super-light month without many posts, but apparently people were interested in how we Advent!

Here's to 2019, which will likely include LOTS of baby pictures come late February/early March!

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