18/52: Cecilia's First Communion

Monday, May 6, 2019

After YEARS of deeply desiring to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, Cecilia finally got to! Thankfully she no longer aspires to be just like Blessed Imelda and didn't drop dead immediately afterwards. (We had hoped she could receive last year but she was TERRIFIED to go to Confession. Honestly, it was nothing short of miraculous that she finally went more than a year later. Her second Confession went off without a hitch!)

We were going to have my mom make her dress out of my wedding dress but there ended up not being enough fabric, so we bought a dress that got her exacting specifications: long, not very poofy, long sleeves, lace... She looked beautiful! And my mom made her a purse out of my wedding dress instead, which she loves!

It rained almost all day but thankfully we had a little break before Mass so we got a few pictures taken. After Mass it was absolutely pouring, so I'm glad we didn't wait!!

We normally are not front pew people, for good reason... But she wanted to sit in the front, so we gave it the old college try and maybe we'll try again next year when the twins receive 😂 It does not seem to help our kids behave to sit closer, but all the power to you if that's what works for your family!

God bless you, Cecilia!


  1. Congratulations to her!! Liam received his too this weekend and it is so much fun reading who else did last weekend.

  2. Congratulations to your beautiful girl...absolutely love the picture of her and the priest, she looks so happy! May God Bless Cecilia, always and forever. <3

  3. Congrats Cecilia!!! How exciting for your family!! It is fun to see the pictures of all these sweet kids receiving Jesus for the first time, we are looking forward to our daughters in 2 weeks.


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