Homeschool Wrap-Up, Spring Wardrobe, Mom Hair {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, May 3, 2019


Happy Friday! Somehow it's already May, which means we're winding down our school year! As usual, we're ahead of the game in most of our books *except* one religion book that we have more chapters than weeks left to read... This happens every year!! I think it's because I try to match the readings up with the liturgical year so we aren't reading about Easter during Lent, but then when we end up with a late Easter that really throws things off. So we'll be doubling up in order to get through, and the rest of our books are getting continued next year (we're on year 1 of Mater Amabilis Level 2), so we don't need to rush to finish them up.

We still haven't mastered the "get dressed and brush hair" school concept, but academics are strong!


I'm trying to decide how to approach next year—the twins will technically be in 1st grade, although academically they've mastered most typical 1st grade material and they've been tagging along with 4th grade readings, as has Cecilia. I think I'm going to still keep everyone together for history/science/literature/religion for next year but add in Aesop for the twins and probably New Testament Bible stories for all the girls. Then maybe I'll have Cecilia read the 3rd grade Faith & Life book on her own and read the 1st grade one with the twins, who will also likely be doing sacrament prep. And we're working towards John Paul doing all his readings independently, so I've gotta figure out how to structure that...

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We're really solidly into spring weather, which means my leggings/dress/scarf/sweater uniform obviously doesn't work!! I've found myself mostly wearing a plain top+patterned a-line skirt/maxi skirt or a button-front dress as my general go-to uniform. Nursing tanks from H&M underneath and these amazing pettipants (cotton! breathable! no chafing!) are great for layering underneath and keeping cool!

If you're looking for some winning spring basics, this striped skirt is great quality, but size down. And this t-shirt is my all-time favorite, and I'm so so picky about t-shirts!!


I'm trying the "curly girl" method with my hair in an attempt to figure out what my natural texture really is... It's definitely a process!


First wash day (trying gel):

Day 3 hair using curl cream:

Wash day using mousse:

Still trying to figure out what works best!!


And with warmer weather I end up putting it up a lot anyway, which makes me thankful for my stash of flexi clips!! Definitely takes the mom bun up a notch, plus they don't give me headaches and are way more secure than hair ties.

Today is the last day of their 20% off sale, so if you've been eyeing them, grab a couple as Mother's Day gifts! And email me if you think you'd like to host a party & earn rewards for yourself!


I needed to grab Lucy a few 0-3 month rompers since we only had long-sleeved girl stuff, and they were on sale so I got some matching ones for Edith since she's tiny... It makes her SO HAPPY to match Lucy, and makes getting her dressed less of a chore if it means matching the baby! Highly recommend.


I keep meaning to share meal plans here again but never get around to it... Here's what we've eaten/are eating this week:

Sunday Cecilia chose burgers and potato chips for her First Communion dinner, because we fancy ;)

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  1. I always have admired these clips, now that my hair is long (right to the back of my bra), I need to find other ways to put it up because three hair ties just aren't cutting it. I have thicker hair, my "natural hair" would probably be described as "witchy":) Do you feel these keep your hair pretty secure when used to keep all the hair up? I went to the site and watched the tutorials and checked my size, so I have a general idea, but I would love to know your opinion on size/security!

    1. I find these SO much more secure than hair ties! I use them on the girls' hair too and they keep things in place much better. I actually have at least one in every size if you want to try any out to check! Depending on my hair length, I can make any size work for different styles, and I've got pretty thick hair. The length I am right now, I use a small for my pony tail (but that's pretty tight, I'm kind of borderline) and medium for twists & messy buns. When my hair was long, the largest size was the only one that held all of it in a bun!

  2. I like your menu! I just tried a new Shepherds Pie recipe this "Traditional Irish Shepherds Pie" by Grumpy Irish Lady. My family is much older, so the added red wine.tomato paste, chicken broth and worecestershire sauce really kicks it up a notch!

    1. I had all of those *except* Worcestershire sauce in mine! Our bottle ran out a while ago and I keep forgetting to get a new one since I use it so rarely!

  3. Hey Rosie! So, you said you're on Mater Amabilis Level 2, Year 1 - does that mean all your school-aged children are in the same year? You do history/geography, etc. together as a family, and then separate the skill-based subjects like math? How's that working out for you guys? We're using AO (except for religion, of course) and I'm looking down the pipeline wondering about doing four different years of history and wondering how exactly that will get done . . . :)

    1. Yes, that's how we're doing it and it's working great! So much less pressure for me and then in fall 2020 when we cycle back to American history, Peter will probably be ready to join in :) If nothing else, I always planned on combining for history!


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