What Your Kids REALLY Need (in their Easter Baskets)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

About a year ago the kids were introduced to the Holy Heroes CDs for the first time, through a CD with the stories of Blessed Imelda Lambertini and St. Juan Diego.  That CD has been seriously loved in our house, especially by Cecilia, who was 3 at the time. 

The weekend after she heard the story, she whispered to me at Mass, "Mom...  I want to be like Blessed Imelda."

"Okay honey...  You want to be a saint?"

"No, I want to receive my first communion like her!"

"Well, you'll have to wait until you're older..."


Her latest work - she's still got a serious devotion!
The kids kept asking when we could get more Holy Heroes CDs but I just couldn't pick what to get next... So when Jenny from Holy Heroes asked if we'd be interested in reviewing the CDs? We were ALL excited!

Cecilia took ownership of the Stations of the Cross coloring book (and immediately started coloring every picture of Simon of Cyrene with blonde hair and a brown beard. I don't even know...) and John Paul has been cheating and working ahead in his Lenten Adventure Activity Book (which doesn't start until Palm Sunday!).

But their ABSOLUTE favorite thing in the package? The Holy Heroes Matching Game! I wish you could hear Cecilia's gasp when she saw the picture of Blessed Imelda! They've been playing it like Go Fish, which is pretty adorable to hear - "Do you have any Holy Families?"

John Paul chose the story of Blessed Miguel Pro, and we've listened to it a few times already - I think that one in particular is a good one for adults, because there's a little mini-lecture by Patrick Madrid at the end.

And he very carefully wrote a thank you note on a post-it and closed it inside the laptop in order to email it...

A few days later I put in the Stations of the Cross CD for us to pray together - I left it to load, changed Peter's diaper, and came back to sweet Cecilia on her knees praying!

This girl... She and the others have been planning out which CDs we need to get next - they're SO excited! And I have every intention of collecting them all (which is why I signed up for the affiliate program - I'm totally spending any percentage I get from your purchases on more CDs and coloring books for us!).

Of course, they may also have been interested in the random graphics the computer was displaying along with the CD...  But Mary Claire was praying along with us by the end!

The CDs are dramatic representations of the lives of the saints (they also have the Stations of the Cross, Mysteries of the Rosary, and other prayers) - they're vivid, exciting, and completely hold the older kids' attention! The twins are getting there, but they're two... I love that I can send them to the basement while I'm cooking dinner and they're perfectly happy to listen to Glory Stories instead of watching TV! I'm planning on letting the kids listen in the car too, which would be an especially great idea if you drive a lot.

I'm so excited to share these awesome products with you - if you make any purchase from their website before Easter, you can get your own Matching Game for free using the coupon code m4tch4m0m (perfect for Easter baskets!). And the Lenten Adventure Activity Book is 50% off right now as well!

For more information, go check out the Holy Heroes blog and their website.  Thank you so much for any purchases you make through my affiliate link - Cecilia especially will be ecstatic when she gets her Blessed Imelda coloring book in her Easter basket, and John Paul's hoping we can get the St. Faustina CD in time for Divine Mercy Sunday :)

I received complimentary products in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I wouldn't have agreed to review these if I didn't already know we'd love them!

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