39/52: Cracking Corn?

Friday, October 4, 2019

We didn't do a good job planning out how we planted the corn this year, so we ended up with a couple weeks of more than we could eat, and then it was all suddenly past its prime... We fed a bunch to the chickens, but apparently some ended up drying on the stalks and the kids went searching for it this week, harvesting bags full and then... Grinding it into corn meal? And eating it plain.

We're going to try popping it (even though it's sweet corn, and might not actually work for popping), but for now they just keep reaching into their stash and eating it straight. It's very, very odd. But apparently makes for excellent play?

Lucy is sitting up better and better, but still tips over out of nowhere once in a while, so I'll set her up with pillow around her but more often, I ask one of the kids to sit behind her and help her not tip over. Usually this doesn't work because she's been freaking out if I put her down at all without being RIGHT in her face gazing lovingly at her, but every once in a while I catch her at a good moment and she allows herself to be put down for a few minutes. Edith is convinced that she is responsible enough to be on "Lucy Patrol" which, as you can see, is pretty effective, considering they're approximately the same size. She's got confidence, that's for sure!

Also, we have been dealing with ridiculously hot temperatures and the only thing that helps me cope is the fact that at least we still have plenty of flowers! It's been dry as anything, with a solid day of rain this week that finally helped things a bit, and the grass is almost totally brown and dead. But somehow we still have some flowers, and the bouquets have been brightening things up quite a bit around here.


  1. Cracking corn with a rock.....Awesomeness!!! I think your kids would have made excellent pioneers heading out to the wild west. We got our first taste of Oregon rain and now it is a green blanket of grass.

    1. They're definitely creative! I think they would get a kick out of pioneer life... For a few days! It wouldn't take long for them to miss running water ;)


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