43/52: Fall Garden and Stoic Babies

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The garden is looking pretty good considering it's late October! We still haven't had a hard frost, so the peppers are hanging on (though I really need to just harvest the rest of them and rip the plants out, they're kind of pitiful looking), lettuce is looking beautiful and we've been eating lots of salad, and spinach and kale are coming up pretty nicely too!

I planted daikon radishes near the zucchini to try to keep the squash bugs away (it works for cucumber beetles!), but sadly the squash all died. We left the radishes though, and Peter asked if we could pickle them, since that's the only thing I know that people actually do with daikon radishes. So we pickled them, and the kids like them... Well, the boys like them, but they like everything. The problem is, every time they get them out of the fridge and open them up, the whole house smells FOUL, as though somebody had terrible, terrible gas or had an accident in their pants. I start interrogating everyone, only to realize that... It's just the radishes again. So maybe we'll just do breakfast radishes next year?

Lucy is, I hope, in the final throes of teething misery. I've been hoping that for nearly two weeks, because she's got a top tooth riiiight under the surface and it's got to break through soon! Meanwhile she is even clingier than usual and sleeping terribly. She's only happy if I'm either holding her or sitting right next to her so that she can fling herself onto me. She will mostly smile when I bounce her and sing a few of her favorite songs, though! So I thought I'd get the kids to take some pictures of me doing that with her, because memories, etc etc. Of course the camera coming out meant that all smiles were cancelled. Ridiculous child!

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