October 2019 Stitch Fix Review (Plus Get $50 Free!)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

It's Stitch Fix time again! I was waiting until I'd lost some more of the baby weight, but the tricky thing about losing baby weight is that 1. the baby has to let me actually put her down in order for me to exercise and 2. I really should stop eating so much chocolate if I ever want to lose this extra weight... So I did stop buying chocolate (because I'm incapable of pacing myself right now, apparently) but did not start exercising (because the baby still doesn't really allow herself to be put down), and ended up with some credit in my account anyway, so why not try a Fix?

First, here is the outfit I happened to be wearing when my box arrived (none of these are Stitch Fix items):
Stretchy pencil skirt, striped blouse, flowy cardigan that is only really seasonally appropriate for 2 weeks a year, ubiquitous slippers.

I'm a casual-ish person and requested cozy sweaters, casual dresses, basic tops and skirts... And my stylist did a pretty good job! But the fit was slightly off with several items, and I couldn't exchange them for the proper size (a new-ish feature that I've never tried using until now), so I only ended up keeping one item. Want to see what?

It took me so long to get this review posted that I lost the price list and items list so... You'll just have to guess what they sent based on the pictures!

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First up was this basic striped top (similar, similar in periwinkle) and foldover maxi skirt (similar). I do love a good maxi skirt, but I just don't wear mine very often, and I had to pull this one all the way up my rib cage to keep it from dragging on the floor (and it was a petite size!), so that was an obvious NO.

As for the top, I loved how basic it was and it fit nicely with a good drape. But then... I remembered what I had been wearing early in the day for my test shots.

Pretty much the same shirt.

Do I need two nearly identical striped shirts? No, no I do not. So the shirt was a NO as well.

Next I tried on the cute black scalloped pencil skirt (similar, bargain) my stylist sent and it was a really nice skirt with pockets, in a nice thick material! But I couldn't figure out exactly where the waistband was supposed to lie, and it was just a smidge shorter than I prefer. They had no version available in regular length, only petite, so back it went, sadly.

I wasn't sure about the dress my stylist sent (similar print), since I don't normally wear gray, and the neckline was a little weird... But I remembered I always wear scarves in fall and winter anyway, and I always wear thick tights (like these) or leggings as well (meet my new favorites, almost exactly the same as a popular brand but WAY cheaper), so the shorter length wasn't a big deal. I always feel put together in dresses, particularly in colder weather, so I went for it!

The last piece my stylist sent was this super-cozy sweater (similar) that I really loved, despite being unsure about the color... After looking at the pictures, the color seemed okay but WOW it was much too big for me! And not available in a smaller size, sadly. So the sweater went back and I'm on the hunt for more cozy cardigans, perhaps in brown?

I'm still sorting through my wardrobe and figuring out what I can wear for a basic "uniform" this fall and winter - it's tricky trying to remember what I wore on a daily basis two years ago, since last year's hugely-pregnant-and-immediately-post-partum wardrobe doesn't really work anymore. Plus now that we rely on our wood stove for most of our heat, I try to dress more warmly than I used to, which changes things up a lot.

You can try Stitch Fix yourself and this is the absolute best deal I've ever seen them run: $50 credit for your first fix! That covers the styling fee PLUS an extra $30! Just click through my referral link to sign up.


  1. You are styling, very becoming!!

  2. The gray dress with the floral print is gorgeous on you! I hate wardrobes when it comes to being a mom haha. My pre-pregnancy clothes fit for a few months, then the postpartum are too big after a few months, the actual pregnancy clothes only fit half the pregnancy...way too many different body shapes in the span of a year to try to accommodate, not to mention half the time the clothes aren’t even seasonally appropriate because, well, who gets pregnant the exact same time of year each time?
    (pregnant with baby #3 in four years).
    I really enjoy your blog!

    1. It is so frustrating! And you feel like you can't ever get rid of anything because it will eventually fit again at one of these stages... I was so grateful I had kept some too-big things that ended up fitting perfectly all summer!

  3. Such a cute dress, and great Stitch Fix deal!


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