40/52: Strike A Pose

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Sometimes Saturday rolls around and I suddenly realize I've taken zero pictures for the week! So I took Lucy outside to try to get a picture of her sitting up in the grass, but everybody else insisted on joining me, and they all wanted to pose for their own pictures (well, everybody but John Paul, who was inside reading and washing dishes).

I hired a friend to help us with seasonal & size clothing storage & switching and thank goodness! The situation was dire, having not been touched since before Lucy was born. The kids apparently had been helping themselves to whatever they wanted in the storage room, so outgrown clothes were piled high and it was terrifying... But now it's all sorted and we can see the floor again! And everybody has "new" clothes to enjoy, which is always quite exciting!

AND and and we got rid of two large trash bags full of clothes with stains & holes—I learned a few years ago that you can find places that recycle textiles (into rug pads, car seat padding, etc) and I was so happy to learn that something could actually be done with the clothes the kids ruin!


  1. Ohhh WHERE can you take the hole-y gross clothes? This is like every mom of many's dilemma! When hand-me-downs just can't be handed down any longer! And I totally know what you mean with the scary clothes situation. The only reason ours aren't everywhere and kids getting into them is bc tehy're way up in the attic, our only storage space...lol.

    1. Have you ever seen those yellow Planet Aid bins? They have them in parking lots all over the place here, you just put your old clothes & shoes in and they'll sort & recycle for you! So so convenient! There are also some stores that host recycling events and will give you coupons, apparently h&m will give you a 15% off coupon if you donate old clothes.


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