30/52: Toenails and Produce

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


I have been so swamped with homeschool planning and blog reviews that I've hardly taken any pictures lately!! I remedied that this past week, but last week this is all I have that isn't related to homeschool reviews... And even the nails are a nail polish review! Don't worry, I've got some good pictures coming up soon...

The nail polish was actually a very welcome review item, because it has been far too long since I got a pedicure and I'm definitely not getting one any time soon! So I snuck out to the porch during Lucy's nap, intending to paint my nails so that the kids didn't smell anything and ask for their nails to be painted... Well, they found me. I ended up doing my nails AND the four older girls'. They were so very pleased with their pedicures (base coat, top coat, and all!) and I'm reasonably pleased by the amount of money saved! Still not as good as a salon pedicure though... But my pink toenails are still going strong and I'm pretty happy.

The tomato plants are diseased but still producing like it's their job. Which, of course, it is. I've been proud of myself for mostly staying on top of the tomato situation - no sauce made (except my easy roasted tomato sauce recipe), but plenty of tomatoes in the freezer for whenever I have the energy to cook them up and run them through the food mill. 

Apparently we planted Korean Melons this year? I definitely didn't buy the seeds, and Andrew says he didn't, yet we have two vigorous plants producing the small striped melons. Very mysterious... It tastes like crunchy-ish honeydew and the kids really enjoy it! We also just had our first ripe watermelon the other day, which they demolished in minutes. It was yellow - we don't remember planting yellow watermelons either! I suppose it's the year of mystery plants...

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