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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Well, we made it 5 years as homeschoolers without getting a printer, but suddenly I had several reviews to do that required a lot of printing, so I figured maybe it was time to bite the bullet and order one at long last. And honestly, I love it and it's very convenient, but now the kids want me to print things for them all the time. Luckily we were given a subscription to Super Teacher Worksheets, so I've been able to fulfill their worksheet desires without spending forever searching the internet and hoping for a decent-quality word search, color-by-number, crossword puzzle, or whatever else they're interested in at the moment.

For some reason the alignment on the desktop site is a little off, but it doesn't mess with the actual experience at all. We ended up preferring using the desktop site to the mobile site, because the search bar made it really easy to find exactly what we were looking for. Lots of dot to dots, word searches, color-by-numbers, and "fortune teller" (cootie catcher!!) fact sheets. Even on mobile though, it was easy enough to click through the categories and explore to find what we might be interested in. Since it's summer, we were mostly using this for fun and not really for skill-building, though I think there are a lot of opportunities for skill building that you can see in the categories in the images!

There are lots of activity pages that go with popular books - the kids all read Bunnicula recently and got such a kick out of it that they requested I print out bookmarks for them to color and "laminate" with packing tape so that they could use them. There are also reading comprehension quizzes, word searches, writing prompts, and project ideas to go along with the chapter books they have included. While these aren't generally ways that we choose to experience chapter books, I can see them being helpful in a classroom situation, or with reluctant readers.

Peter has requested a different color-by-number page nearly every day, and it's so sweet watching him carefully color every section and proudly present Grandma or me with the finished product. We... we have been recycling them. I'm sorry Peter, but we just can't keep them all! At this point I think he's done every single one that they offer! We also printed several of the phonics "mini-books" for him to color, cut out, and assemble himself. He was so incredibly excited to read them to us (and to the baby, and to the preschooler, and to everybody he could find until the books got lost)! It was a great way to assess just how much he can read already, and inspired us to move on to more challenging books for reading practice.

I would say that this is definitely geared primarily towards the elementary crowd - there weren't very many advanced worksheets, much to the chagrin of my 11-year-old, who fancies himself to be the most advanced 11-year-old on the planet. Still, he enjoyed using the word search creator to make his own word searches including ridiculously obscure scientific terms. There really was something for everybody in the family!

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