31/52: Chariot Races and Princess Dresses

Saturday, August 15, 2020



It's really difficult being the oldest child sometimes. You carefully make cardboard-and-scooter chariots for all your siblings, chalk the driveway with lanes for the chariot races, and then your annoying little sisters insist on being the HORSES for the race, which is clearly cheating because they can run much faster than a scooter. You can tell just how angry John Paul was... But it was pretty hilarious to see. Everybody else had fun!

Edith came downstairs in her special Strawberry Princess dress the other day, and after she discarded it I asked Lucy if she wanted to wear it. She was SO pleased. As soon as it was on, she looked down at her voluminous skirts, clearly impressed. She wouldn't let me get a picture inside, and I didn't really get a good picture outside either because she's SO clingy and most of these happened because I ran away and she started walking towards me. But it captures Lucy's essence pretty clearly - always interested in whatever she can find in the garden, stomping around purposefully surveying her domain. She's a pretty ridiculously cute toddler, even if she IS currently on a nap strike!


  1. Growing up, there were lots of us and little money. So, we had to make our own fun and games and be creative. Your children come up with the most interesting things to do as well. Isn't it amazing how their minds work?
    Lucy is darling in that dress and you are right, she is very cute! Actually all of your children are cuties. I especially love how she makes little frownie faces and those curls? Beautiful!

    1. They really are so creative! It's great fun to see what they come up with :)


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