33/52: Sous Chefs

Monday, August 31, 2020

The other day I was making flatbread to go along with dinner, and the girls asked if they could help. My immediate inclination was to say no, but I resisted... Gotta train them to take over for me in the future! After they finished cleaning the living room (another task that they always accomplish imperfectly, but we'll get there), they washed hands, put on aprons, and got their hair out of their faces. Then they got to work!

Apparently all these years spent rolling play doh has made them rolling pin masters, because they did amazingly well rolling out the flatbreads, even though it can be pretty tricky. Cecilia manned the hot cast iron pan, wiping with olive oil every time and making sure nothing got burned. Mary Claire and Elizabeth took turns shaping each ball of dough and rolling them out.

Was there flour all over the kitchen? Not as much as I expected, actually! And they even helped clean up afterwards.

I don't love saying yes - I want to be alone in a quiet kitchen, and this certainly wasn't quiet. But they did a great job! And I was able to get the rest of dinner prepped while they took over this aspect, so it worked out perfectly. Note to self: say yes more.

(this is the recipe we use, which I now double every time because we love them so much!


  1. I've resolved to teach my boys how to use a knife in the kitchen this year. Hopefully it's a resolution I'll keep. :)

  2. You can do it!! We start with butter knives and then move on to steak knives, nothing larger until they're good with those 😊


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