44/52: Ginkgos!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Say what you will about 2020, but this fall has been GLORIOUS for us! I've been pretty disappointed with the weather nearly every fall since we've lived here... It seemed to switch from summer temperatures to fall for a few days, then back to summer, then rain and chilly weather and suddenly... Winter! Certainly not sufficient mild weather for enjoying the beauty that is Virginia in the autumn.

This fall, though? Sure, we've had some summer temperatures and a few chilly days, but mostly it's been sunny, mild, and beautiful. We've gotten outside a TON, and were fortunate to have warm weather for our annual trip to the local arboretum's Ginkgo Grove (fun fact, I've been spelling it "gingko" for my entire life and never realized I was wrong until a couple years ago!). Unfortunately, we got not a single decent picture of all the kids together.

On the other hand, I've never gotten a good picture of them all at the Ginkgo Grove in the years we've been going there... They're usually totally disheveled and someone's often crying. This year was no exception, as a certain 11-year-old was angry that we left before the mail arrived, since he'd been expecting a purchase of his own (Pokemon cards. Sigh.), a certain 7-year-old was angry that she didn't get to hold the toddler (who would have refused to be held anyway!!), and a certain 5-year-old was just insistent on making funny faces or jumping up and down for every picture.

It's fine though... We're in it for the MEMORIES.


  1. The 5th picture down is a great one!!! Blessings to you all from our family in Maine. <3

    1. These pictures are so fun to take every year :)


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