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Friday, November 13, 2020

It's November! I've been doing a November Skirt Challenge on Instagram and Twitter but never shared here... So if you're hoping to join in for the second half, the prompts are below! And here are some of my outfits (the ones I've gotten good pictures of... I've not done a great job taking pictures this time!):


PS This apron is amazing - huge pockets, cross back, the only problem is that the straps in the back aren't adjustable but for the price it's really wonderful. And there's a little girl's version too!!


We got a preview copy of the new magazine for Catholic kids from Our Sunday Visitor, and it's really cute! Super-simple, engaging for all the younger kids, and even my 9-year-old wanted to do the included (low-key, very easy!) craft! You can sign up here for a subscription - it's pretty short, FYI, but packed with helpful information, and a great way to engage kids in liturgical living while making things easy on yourself as well!


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I've always wanted to learn how to embroider, and my friend Theresa sent me her awesome new embroidery kit so that I could try it out without having to figure everything out on my own... I think it went really well! You can get your own kit right here (and use the code ROSIE10LAUNCH for 10% off until 11/20!) but grab one SOON because she's only got a couple left!



After I finished the kit Theresa sent, I wanted to practice some more stitches on my own, so I googled some flower ideas and made a little bitty hoop that will probably become a Christmas ornament. The kids are REALLY impressed with me... I'm not 100% satisfied but it's so much more achievable than I thought it would be! Definitely a nice little hobby for the season of life when you're up and down constantly...


I would just like to brag that for the first time EVER I'm staying decently on top of the egg situation!! Every few days I'll wash 3-6 dozen of the dirty ones and stack them in the barn fridge, and we've been selling a pretty steady stream without running out. It's so nice! In the spring and summer we didn't have enough for everybody who wanted them, but now that the CSA is done for the season, we've got extras for our egg customers, finally.


And in other domestic bliss news, sourdough! Flowers! Pie crust!

(Well, the flowers are from last month when I cut a million before frost killed the rest, and the pie crust is a work in progress because I'm still really not good at rolling it out... Hoping for a new rolling pin for Christmas!!)


Book talk!!

I pulled the trigger and signed up as an Usborne consultant so I can get books for the kids for a discount! Let's hope this doesn't backfire by increasing my book budget... We have loved these books for YEARS and get so much use out of them, so if you're curious about our favorites, you can bookmark this page, and if you're hoping to score some for birthday or Christmas gifts, you can purchase during my super-special launch party! Here's the party link (or just shop here!) so that you can RSVP and get reminders so you don't forget to come ;) But mark your calendar for Friday, 11/20 at 8:30 pm EST!

In other book news, if you're getting your Christmas books ready, don't forget that I have a whole book-a-day Advent Calendar that you can pull from, plus a nice big list of our favorite Christmas and Advent books in case you need to replenish your supply. They'll start going out of stock closer to Christmas, so shop *now* if you're hoping to add to your collection! 

And speaking of things going out of stock, don't forget to shop small!! Small shops will sell out of their things long before Christmas, so bookmark this Shop Small Gift Guide so you can use all the coupon codes and learn which shops you love so that you can follow them for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday sales!

Linking up with Kelly this lovely November day!


  1. I love your little embroidery projects! I've been thinking about getting into embroidery, too, after seeing my sister happily stitching away a few months ago. My kids and I started working on a felt ornament project a few weeks ago - it's been a good way to get started, slowly. :)

    And those flowers look SO cheerful!

    1. I think I'm going to try to get the kids to put together some felt ornaments too, we've broken so many glass ones over the years!

  2. I'm pretty impressed with you too :)

  3. Your hoop is gorgeous! So glad you brought back 7qt ☺️

  4. Oh man, I WISH I had a glut of eggs to keep up on. Between the length of day dipping below light thresholds and most of the ladies going through an absolutely BRUTAL moult, the eggs they have a dried up.

    1. We just got a new batch of layers in the spring and they're finally earning their keep! Took them long enough...


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