45/52: November Skirts, Tea Parties, and the Coolest Subscription Box

Monday, November 23, 2020

I have been doing a terrible job getting pictures of my November Skirt Challenge outfits... But that's okay because I'm not sure anybody really cares! You can tell I'm a real fashion blogger because my children take my pictures for me ;) Anyway, I think the prompts above were... Out of your comfort zone (wearing a tunic dress tucked into a skirt, not sure I love this look), Comfy Cozy (sweater dress ftw!), and Autumn Colors (this was as close as I could get!). Maybe I'll get more pictures this week.

Lucy has been VERY into "tea parties" and asks me multiple times a day to "set up a tea party for you?" which means spreading out her baby blanket and bringing out bins of play kitchen things. Mostly she just dumps things all over the floor but I think she's finally starting to get the hang of actually playing with toys, which is always a fun phase. She's been very carefully setting out play doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, and cake, and then hollering, "DINNEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!" A well-balanced meal, I'm sure of it.

Edith is always happy to play with her, and I think they'll be inseparable once Lucy stops being quite so annoying... She goes back and forth, sometimes she's adorable and just wants to hug and snuggle Edith, and then she'll turn on a dime and start clawing her in the face and pulling her hair. Out of nowhere! And she's FAST, so I think she's going in for a hug and instead she goes for the eyes. It's exhausting.

The people at Artza Box sent their November box for us to try out and y'all, it is so cool!!! These are all products sourced from the Holy Land, and you learn about each artisan with special information cards in the box. A lot of the items are consumable, which is nice because we don't need a ton more *stuff* sitting around, but there are a few things that will be lovely to have or gift. This is a subscription box that ships quarterly, so the price is higher than a monthly box but you receive 7-9 items and you can get a 15% discount with the code ROSIE15 - if you're looking for a way to treat yourself, or a unique gift for the person who has everything, this would be absolutely perfect! I'll admit, it's one I'm tempted to buy for myself ;) (And if you only want one box, you can cancel your subscription on their website, so it can be a one-off gift as well)

I *think* my favorite product was the chocolate (which is honestly the best chocolate I've ever had, creamy and dark at the same time, no bitterness at all), though the olive wood ornaments are a close second! Order yours here! 

And you can see a whole unboxing video here!


  1. The girls are so cute together and I love the blanket!

    1. My sister made the blanket! It is the perfect size for little girl tea parties :)


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