4/52: Nativity Tableau

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Well, Christmas is over but the little girls still play "Nativity" every day... It's hard to tell a not-quite-two-year-old that she can't sing Christmas songs or pretend to be Baby Jesus anymore, so we'll just let it slowly fade away.

Edith desperately needed someone to be Joseph to her Mary, so first she insisted that Andrew do it when he got home from work, and eventually Peter was an acceptable substitute after Andrew ran out of steam. Sometimes Lucy is Baby Jesus, more often it's a baby doll because they're rather more accommodating and less wiggly! Then Lucy gets to be a wise man or a shepherd or a sheep or... Well, once she told us she was "Bad old King Herod" and ran to Baby Jesus screaming, "KILL! KILL! KIIIIILL!!!" So... I guess maybe she'll have a special devotion to the Holy Innocents?

Anyway, it turns out the Nugget also makes an excellent stable, though it's a bit (ha!) unstable. The Unstable Stable? Sounds like an excellent title for a children's book!

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  1. I probably shouldn't have laughed at the king Heord part..but I did


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