6/52: Tassels, Lego Cats, and Cozy Winter Reading

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Cecilia saw a magazine article on handmade tassel earrings and got right to work! Conveniently, we had all the proper materials and she is QUITE pleased with the results! Now she's hoping to make a bunch of pairs and sell them at the parish craft fair in November... Maybe there will be a market for them?

The middle kids have found a combination of Lego pieces that they've decided makes a "cat" and they have a VERY involved pretend play involving their cats and... Dumping out all the Legos? I guess it's necessary, how else would anyone be able to make a house, playground, houseboat, and more for the cats?

I'm hopeful that we're nearing the end of wood stove season, though it really is so cozy! John Paul in particular can often (sometimes maddeningly) be found curled up on the stone floor in front of the stove, reading or eating or doing his schoolwork. I guess it's better than being locked in the bathroom, another interesting big kid problem we're dealing with right now!


  1. Beautiful earrings Cecilia! Nice work!

  2. Locked in the bathroom made me laugh out loud!! I used to keep tons of books stashed away in various bathroom drawers and conveniently disappeared in there when it was time to help with family chores :D That will probably come back to bite me someday very soon.

    The earrings look great, and she looks rightfully proud of herself! So sweet.

    1. I'm trying to ban reading in the bathroom, but it's hard... They hide books everywhere!!


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