Just Because: Volume 3

Monday, February 1, 2021

Happy February!! I'm so excited to read what you write this week! We're enjoying our first big(ish) snow of 2021, complete with popcorn and hot chocolate. Very important fun to be had!

I only blogged once last week (have to catch up on the week by week posts, but birthdays make for busy-ness!), about Cecilia turning 10.

Challenge yourself to post *once* (or more!) every week, and spend a little time visiting other blogs too—it's more fun blogging when you know someone's reading it besides you, after all. I'll post this linkup every Monday morning for at least the next month or two, and we'll see if this makes old fashioned blogging a little more enjoyable for us all! 

Make sure to link back to *this post* so your readers have a chance to discover some new blogs, as well! And feel free to use this image for your post if you need one! (Please be sure to link to an individual post, not just your blog in general.)


I *love* reading your kind comments and will always try my best to reply right here in the comment box so we can keep the conversation going! If you have a blog of your own, please do link to it so I can visit back :)

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