Monday, April 14, 2014

Blog Harassment & Another Liebster?

I've been skimping on the link-ups lately, according to my sister...  So in reparation for not getting a picture of yesterday's attire, here's a post with all the things for you!

She brings me hair ties ALL the time and begs me to put them in her hair.  Smocked dress + tiny fountain = 1 million times the cuteness!

See that adorable little sunburn?  We went hiking on Saturday and it didn't even occur to any of us that it might end up being sunny enough to need sunscreen...  Well, we all got plenty of vitamin D and the kids are adorably pink without being painful.  We generally just stay out of the sun during peak hours, rather than deal with all the chemicals in sunscreen (or buy the RIDICULOUSLY expensive "safe" sunscreen).

John Paul wanted to be in the picture so I told him to jump and dance with Elizabeth.  Which he took to mean pick her up and jump her in the air!  She thought it was hilarious, and it was absolutely adorable :)

Mary Claire is a terror lately.  First she figured out how to climb onto the ottoman that was blocking the fireplace, so I had to move that and fill the fireplace with toy bins to "block it" (so far, so good).  Then she figured out how to climb onto the bench and get onto the BIG table, which was great when I found her very casually dipping her fingers into Cecilia's cup of milk and then using her wet hand to pick up Rice Krispies.  But this?  She took a stool over to the futon and has figured out how to scale it to try to climb through the random window between the playroom and the dining room.

Yeah, she was about to topple through.  Although not quite, which is why I took pictures instead of moving her.

"What?  It wouldn't be THAT far a drop onto my head!"

Photo: Sweet girl has been picking flowers for Mary all week and was so excited to take some to her before Mass :)

And because Cecilia needs to be in this post somewhere...  Every time she does outside she spends most of her time searching for wildflowers and picks as many as she can to "take to Mary next time we go to church!"  So before Mass on Sunday (sans John Paul, who was being punished for ATROCIOUS behavior the past two Sundays), I took her outside and let her pick daffodils for Mary.  She was SO happy and knelt in front of the Mary statue at church to pray her Hail Mary on the way into Mass and out of Mass.  Can't beat a 3-year-old in a chapel veil, can you?

And speaking of John Paul not getting to go to Mass, last night our prayer intention from our Lenten prayer chain was "For all fallen-away Catholics."  He asked what a "fallen-away Catholic" is and we told him that it's someone who's Catholic who doesn't go to Mass anymore.

"OH!" He exclaimed, distraught, "I didn't go to Mass today!!!"

At which point we reminded him that he hasn't received any of his sacraments besides baptism, and that even if he HAD and he hadn't gone to Mass, he could go to confession and it would be okay.  But how sweet is that?

Oh and Abbey at Surviving Our Blessings tagged me for a Liebster, so I'm going to play along however I want and not bother tagging anyone becaaaaaaause I don't feel like it?

Her questions:

  • What is the best meal you've ever eaten (where, with whom, relevant details...)?
  • Anything at The Melting Pot or Texas de Brazil.  Ohhhh man everything is so delicious there and I'm always hungry ALL the time so it satisfies my insatiable appetite with delicious delicious delicious food!  And I pretty much always go with Andrew, because those are expensive, fancy places.  Mmmmm meat...  And cheese...  Now you're making me hungry!
  • If you could only have 3 books to read/reread for the rest of your life, which 3 would you choose?
  • I should probably pick The Bible.  And it's been a while since I last read it, but I used to read Gone With the Wind at least once a year, so probably that.  Then can I cheat and have all of Orson Scott Card's books piled into one volume?  Because I love pretty much all of them (except Songmaster, that one gives me nightmares for a looooong time every time I read it so I just got rid of it!).
  • What one habit or trait would you erase from your life?
  • I'm not as bad as I used to be, but I'm pretty darned lazy and wish I weren't so!  Motherhood has forced me to be more of a grown-up, but I'd really like to just lie in bed reading all day, every day if I could.
  • What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  • Saturday!  No obligations, no work, family time all day long!
  • What's your favorite quotation?
  • Pass.  Too hard.  Can't think of one!
  • Do you wear shoes in the house?
  • Slippers when it's cold, otherwise no.  Gotta set a good example for the kids, who are well-trained and won't even walk all the way into the house without taking off their shoes (which is fun when I'm right behind them carrying groceries and two babies...)!
  • What's your favorite chore and why?
  • Does cooking count?  Because I looooove to cook!
  • What one song would you like to never hear again?
  • Ugh this "King of the Bongo Bong" song from one of the kids' cds...  It gets stuck in your head for weeks and it's not even REMOTELY good!
  • What one word are you most likely to misspell?
  • Broccoli.  Well, not anymore, I think I have that one down.  Foccacia I spelled wrong the other day.  Focaccia?  Foccaccia?  I think Focaccia...  I'm not going to look it up.  Too lazy to open another tab.
  • If you could close your eyes and be any place in time or space when you opened them, where would you be?
  • Asleep in my bed?  Um, probably not a good answer.  I don't know, this time and space is really good for me - maybe yesterday when the weather was perfect and everyone was outside and it was just wonderful and fun?  
  • If you had to rename yourself, what name would you choose?
  • When I was 7 or so, I desperately wanted to be named Tiffany or Theresa.  DESPERATELY.  I'm good with my name now :)

  • So there you have it - long enough post for you?  I'll be surprised if you made it to the end and you aren't my mom or sister!
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