Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes: All the Questions!

Ohhhh the Liebster Awards.  Not a thing.  But also a thing?  I blame Kendra for starting it up again...  And then lovely Kate tagged me buuuuut I only have to answer 4 questions so I'm going to answer my 4 and give up there because I'm too lazy to tag or come up with questions!
Okay fine, I'll add 3 more questions and answer them (and ask YOU to answer them, too!) and make this my Quick Takes this week...
First Kate's questions:
1.  Where are you from, where did you go to college and where are you now?
I'm from Northern Virginia, went to college (at Northwestern) just outside of Chicago, and am back in Northern Virginia (after a brief detour in Williamsburg, VA).  You should come hang out with us if you're in the DC area!
2.  What song has been getting stuck in your head lately or have you been listening to on repeat?

But not the actual song, just John Paul singing it.  Yup, in my head all. The. Time.  Shark CAR!!!
3.  If you could live anywhere and do anything, what would it be?
Ummm on some sort of Catholic hippy-ish commune where we all have a community garden and grow a ton of food and have chickens and homeschool our kids together while our husbands do...  something to make enough money for us all to live?  Anyone want to start one?
4.  What are you Easter plans?
Um, I don't know - we're still getting into actually celebrating it with the kids, so I'm sure there will be an Easter egg hunt of some sort buuuuut our plastic eggs have been in the toy rotation since last Easter because they get played with all the time, so I'm not anticipating that being hugely exciting!  We might also dye eggs this year because John Paul has figured out that that's a thing, so pressure's on...  Also I will be eating all the Starburst jelly beans, probably within the octave.
One year we did Resurrection Rolls and they were delicious but Marshmallow Jesus is a little too weird of an analogy for me...
Our Easter day celebrations are pretty low-key - for us it's more about continuing the celebration through the Octave and then throughout all 50 days of the season!
OH!  But I AM making matching Easter dresses for the girls (in blue, pink, and yellow seersucker) and *hopefully* will make a vest and bow tie for John Paul (blue seersucker) and Andrew will probably wear his seersucker suit as always sooooo I probably shouldn't wear seersucker myself for fear of looking overly-kitschy!  
Photo: All the seersucker!
In other news, I have a feeling my Holy Week is going to be full of a little too much sewing... Three Easter dresses and a vest? Yikes.
Here's last year's picture if you're curious:

Oh yes, and I will be wearing that hat.  Every year from now until the end of time.

And the year before, just for continuity!

Now here are my questions for YOU (answer in the comment box or add them into your own post!):

5.  What's your worst "mom" habit?  Or general "grown-up" habit if you're not a mom :)

I'm talking locking-yourself-in-the-bathroom-with-your-smartphone-for-some-uninterrupted-blog-reading, sneaking-cookies-while-the-kids-can-only-have-fruit, extending-quiet-time-for-an-hour-because-nobody-is-complaining habits...

Not that I'm guilty of any of these.  Nope.  Not speaking from personal experience.

6.  What's your fast food guilty pleasure?

McDonald's bacon, egg & cheese bagels.  I could have one every day for the rest of my life and die happy.  And really, all the protein sources!  So good for you!

7.  What is the craziest/weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

We went to a SUPER-fancy restaurant for our anniversary last year and the salad included "lettuce panna cotta" and I totally ate it.  Yes, that's basically lettuce-flavored pudding.  It tasted exactly like lettuce.  In pudding form.  So weird.  What about you?

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