Idol Worship, and other etceteras

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The other day John Paul got in serious trouble for idol worship.

That's right.

Idol worship.

We were reading all about Elijah vs. Ahab in proving that Baal was a false god, and John Paul started arguing, "No!  Baal is a true god!  Baal is the one true god!"

So the story ended and he criiiiiiied and cried and cried and argued and finally sat down, sniffling, and said, "Baal is not a true god.  Could we please finish the story?"

I don't think people believe me when I say he may be the most argumentative child ever.  But seriously.  Idol worship.  And let's not mention the fact that he has been crafting various "idols" out of silverware lately.  Oh wait, I just mentioned it.

And this is the kid that people say, "Oh yeah, he wants his first communion so badly so clearly he understands it enough to start receiving!"

This is why he is not ready.

Idol worship.


Did you see this post about 50 Ways to Celebrate Easter?  It's awesome, and not just because my sister wrote it!  I totally laid the smackdown on an 8th grade boy who was saying Easter is over today...  I was like, "NO!  Easter is NOT over, there are EIGHT DAYS and then the season is FIFTY DAYS LONG!"

Too bad I don't teach in a Catholic school...

But seriously, go eat a lot of meat this Friday!  It's so rare that Fridays end up being solemnities, so grab a burger, would you?


Have I mentioned that Elizabeth loves accessories?  Because she loves accessories.

I'm pretty sure she's imagining herself in an old-fashioned convertible, wind blowing through her hairs.

Seriously, how is she the happiest child?  She had a runny nose for about a week and then Andrew stuck his finger in her mouth and felt that all four molars had broken without us even noticing!  I figured she was teething, but she only had four teeth total, so I was waiting for the usual progression.


Mary Claire is not teething nearly as gracefully.  Drool everywhere, CRAZY emotional displays (I'm talking throwing herself on the floor sobbing any time anything doesn't go EXACTLY the way she wants it), and still no canines to show for the trouble.

But she still manages to pull out some cuteness:

She usually says the Hail Mary better without an elephant in her mouth ;)  (Elizabeth was trying to help, but she doesn't have the whole thing down quite yet)


Cecilia tells us she has her own garden.  It's a dirt patch in the front yard that seems to grow the tallest dandelions and she is SO pleased with it!

Striped dress.  Mom's chevron scarf.  Argyle sweater.  Fashion.

And those curls!  She wanted Princess Leia buns before bed to make John Paul laugh, and then she kept them in all night and woke up with Shirley Temple ringlets!  Too adorable.


I've been collecting quotes and am totally going to do an April "What They Said" link-up -  who's in?  Monday the 28th?  Volume 10!

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