Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Easter Edition

Thursday, April 24, 2014


We tried dying eggs for the first time ever this year (well, first time ever with the kids.  Duh.  I did not lead a deprived childhood, I dyed plenty of Easter eggs.), and I was really curious about natural dyes, solely because it looks so cool!!!

So we made some solutions of our own (and made it into a mildly educational experience, and John Paul was fascinated and so into it!):

And put the eggs in for about 6 hours (we tried brown and white, just to see the difference):

How lovely are those blueberry and cabbage eggs?  Love the purple and blue!


We've had at least one Easter egg hunt per day since Sunday (pet peeve here - what is with the hunts on Holy Saturday?  Jesus is in the tomb, people!!!), and the kids are hilarious every time with their wild excitement!

Socks with sandals.  Absolutely my most fashionable child.  Today he wore plaid shorts, a blue polo shirt, a green argyle sweater vest, and a plaid tie.  I should have taken a picture...

Surprisingly, she and John Paul are pretty evenly matched when it comes to finding eggs, and they're always excited to eat the little animal crackers inside!


Her little poses here crack me up...  She wanted to wear her Easter dress again on Monday, and since I hadn't gotten many pictures, I asked her to pose for some more:

The crossed ankles!  The lean!  I love it :)

Then we had to adjust the sweater...

And she wanted to show me how she prays!


I still haven't gotten good pictures of the twins in their dresses, but I'm thinking they'll be able to wear them next year, too...

Those sashes!

Seriously, do you see how long?  And this was AFTER I took it up another 3 inches or so...

I used this free pattern and had a LOT of help from my mom.  And I'm thankful that the Christmas fabric I got on clearance will be a lot easier to work with...  Smocked on top so all I have to do is add straps and hem (and maybe add sashes), instead of the pattern pieces and the lining and the everything and seersucker is HARD to work with, especially when you're just learning to sew!  

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