What They Said, Volume 10

Sunday, April 27, 2014

John Paul:  "M" drawings are my favorite kind of letter picture!
Me:  Why?
John Paul:  Because "M" is for "Mom" and I love you!!!

Some day he'll ask me to delete this picture from the internet...

John Paul, putting on my sunglasses: This filter is early bird!

Someone is a little too obsessed with instagram...

Cecilia:  Mom, I dwew Jesus' cwoss!  And I dwew a hat on da cwoss!  And I dwew a cwown of thorns on da cwoss!  And I dwew eggs!

Liturgical artist, coming right up.

JP: What if I went to the middle east and I went to the holy land and I visited there???

Photo: A very enthusiastic reenactment of the Annunciation, as you can tell...

JP: We need to go to the middle east so that we can really act out the annunciation. To Mary's house!

Cecilia: 'Member when I saw a jawa with a star in my room?
Me: When you pretended there was one?
Cecilia: A dead jawa.
Me: When was this?
Cecilia: When I was under my sheet.

Mystery solved?  I don't think she even knows what a jawa is...

Cecilia: We want to have a moonbounce in the backyard and dat will be heaven.

Pretty much.

Me:  John Paul, who is your favorite person?
JP:  Grandpa!
Me:  And Cecilia, who is YOUR favorite person?
Cecilia:  TOE!!!
JP:  Toe is not a person!!!
Cecilia:  If my toe turns wed, we can put a band-aid on it, and dwaw a face on it, and it will be a person!!!

Brilliant, that child...

Photo: "Um, when we eat raw lentils, we don't even die!!!"

Cecilia:  Um, when we eat raw lentils, we don't even die!!!

Photo: "John Paul, ask me ' Do you like leggings or skirts brr?'"
"D' you like leggings or skirts better?"
"Skirts! Because they're better for twirling!"

Cecilia:  John Paul, ask me 'Do you like leggings or skirts better?'
JP:  D'you like leggings or skirts better?
Cecilia:  Skirts!  Because dey're better for twirling!!!

In a tender mood...

Cecilia: Mom, I love you...  All da time!
I love you in a rainbow...  
I love you in da sun...  
I love you in a...  ANTHILL!  
I love you in a...  BEEHIVE!!!!!!!!!

Yup, we've got the next Raffi here, folks!

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