Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Growing up...

Too fast?

Me:  What did you guys do during nap?
Cecilia:  We played Mommy and Daddy and I was da Mommy and I was pwegnant!
John Paul:  Yeah, and the BOY sperm met the egg!
Cecilia:  And we had a baby!
Me:  And what did you name the baby?
Cecilia:  Jesus.

Of course.

Me:  And what did you do after the baby was born?
Cecilia:  We had a picnic!!!

Of course.

Me:  And what did the baby eat at the picnic?
Cecilia:  Oh, he just sat in my lap.
Me:  And did he eat anything?
Cecilia:  Just drank milk.  I nursed him a little bit.

Of course.

To add a cherry on top, I walked into their room to see that Cecilia had been reading "The Art of Natural Family Planning" while John Paul perused (his favorite for months now) "The Pregnancy Bible."

Methinks they're taking this game of pretend a little too seriously.
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