Are you still celebrating?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Christmas tree is still up.  There are at least 5 nativity scenes scattered throughout the house.  But sometimes it still takes that little toddler voice piping up at dinner...

"Baby Jesus is BORN!  He's in da MANGER!  Mawwy was pwegnant and now Baby Jesus is BORN!!!"

I'm thankful for faith like a child, especially when we start seeing the trees by the curb and the Christmas lights taken down when it's not even Epiphany. 

Why is it that society tells us we must spend the entire month of December (and much of November) celebrating Christmas, but the moment it becomes appropriate to do so, everything is thrown in the trash?  Just because we're done buying presents doesn't mean we're done celebrating!


  1. What is Epiphany?

    No Christmas tree for me this year, but my brother still has his tree up! My sister took hers down on the 26th, but only because she killed it. It barely made it through Christmas.

  2. Epiphany is the end of the 12 days of Christmas, when the wise men got to Bethlehem (which obviously didn't take them only 12 days, but Jesus' birthday also wasn't actually on December 25 :P).

    Our tree is pretty close to dead too, but we're hanging on until Friday at least!


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