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Monday, January 9, 2012

Cecilia brings me her book of choice:   "The Saving Name of God the Son" (it's a children's book, I promise...).  She climbs into my lap and I start reading...

Lap count:  1 child

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word - who was with God and who was God - "

John Paul comes over, interested...  He leans against my side as I continue reading...

"became flesh..."

I turn the page, pulling John Paul onto the other half of my lap.

Lap count:  2 children

"and dwelt among us.  The Son of Man come down from heaven, to serve and to give his life..."

Cecilia starts climbing off my lap, cheese slice in hand.  John Paul moves over so that he's sitting right in the middle.

Lap count:  1 child

"as a random for many.  For in him was life and the life was the Light of men:  a Light to the Nations shining..."

Cecilia's cheese is crumbling on the floor and she circles around me, trying to get back into my lap.  John Paul objects to me turning the pages and rips the book out of my hand.

"a Light to the Nations shining...

Cecilia steals the book back and John Paul is distracted by the cheese crumbles on the floor.

Lap count:  1 child.

"in the darkness.  Behold, he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  Anointed by the Spirit..."

"He is the Beloved Son, calling the Bride to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; giving to her the most previous gift, his Body and Blood,"

John Paul turns back to the previous page.  "Thaaaaaaat's?" he asks obnoxiously.  "That's a picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus."  "BATHtize?  WONG!  BAPtize is a word.  BATHtize is NOT a word."

"sacrificed... on the wood of the cross:  Our Lord Jesus Christ!"

"AND they HIT him!  And they KIWWED HIM!!!"

Cecilia rips the book away and skips several pages, then demands to nurse.  She nurses for a few seconds and then walks away, done with nursing and also with reading.  John Paul takes the book away and reads it to himself on the floor.  Apparently I am unnecessary.

Lap count:  0 children.

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