Wasn't it yesterday that they were small?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, Cecilia's still pretty small...  But when did John Paul turn into such a big kid???

He was VERY excited about his "cool" new 3T outfit from the consignment store.  Everything "cool" is REALLY good, so he's willing to wearing underwear instead of diapers now because underwear is "cool" and diapers are not.  Although it's tricky keeping his pants up now...

Look at how long and lean he's gotten!

I'm thankful that he's totally okay with Cecilia following him around and trying to do everything he does.  He was eating part of a cookie after a successful potty trip and Cecilia came toddling over with her arms outstretched.  I asked him to share a little piece with her and he immediately broke off a bit and handed it to her.  No fussing at all, just straight-up sharing!

And then of course, there's the fact that last night in the car he asked me to turn off the music so we could pray the rosary together.  And he did his half of almost every prayer!  He even barrelled right on through the Fatima Prayer on his own without me to prompt him.  We've got a rosary CD in the mail from Aunt Sister, and I have a feeling that'll be on loop for quite a while...

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