Our New Year's Eve

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It was BEAUTIFUL weather here on the last day of 2011, so we decided to head out to Gravelly Point to watch planes take off at National.  John Paul was SO EXCITED!

On the car ride there he very excitedly exclaimed, "BIRDS!  And the MOON!  And an AIRPWANE!  And ANOTHER MOON!"  We explained that there's only one moon...  He got the hang of it quickly.

Dad pointed out the types of planes that were taking off.  John Paul didn't really care about different types - he mostly just shouted, "Seagulls!  And the moon!  Airpwane!  And more seagulls!"

He was VERY excited by the water as well - "I see da WATER!  I see da WIVER!"

The planes landing weren't quite so exciting, but our reward for sticking around for a few landings was a view of a BOAT in the water, as well as some ducks.  What could be more exciting?

Running in the grass, of course!

I don't think there's any airport in the US that has a more beautiful view during takeoff and landing, particularly during sunset.

We'll definitely have to get back here when it warms up,  John Paul had such a blast and I bet Cecilia will be excited come spring.

This was the biggest plane we saw and it flew right over our heads.

Cecilia had to make sure to CLING to me - it was pretty noisy!

There were TONS of people there.  We'd never been before, but apparently it's a pretty popular attraction even though there's nothing to do except watch the planes.


  1. I love that John Paul is so excited about everything. Oh, to be a kid again.

    And what, nice weather on New Year's Eve? You do still live in nova don't you?

  2. It was like, 55 here! It was pretty awesome, although it had cooled down by the time we got outside in the afternoon, and it was pretty windy by the water...

    John Paul is even more excited about things when we get irrationally excited - it's hilarious! All we have to do is talk about something in an excited tone of voice and his eyes get wide and he opens his mouth with a HUGE grin!


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