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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Okay, before my adoring public (oh wait, my mom and sister...) gets annoyed at the lack of posts, I have to let you know that the camera battery is dead and we don't know where the charger is.  So the posts will be a lot less fun for a while because they'll mostly be text-only.  And let's face it, you probably just skim the text and read the captions under the pictures, like me!

So John Paul has been potty trained (not counting naptime and nighttime, which are not even short-term goals right now...) for almost 2 weeks now - we've been going out with just underwear and haven't had a single accident (knock on wood!)!  He is VERY pleased about this - he loves his "cool" underwear and he REALLY loves using the potty in new places.  That's honestly his favorite thing about leaving the house now. 

Yup.  Potties.  We tell him where we're going and he immediately starts talking about the potty they'll have there.  Then he starts talking about ALL the potties he's used.  "Nature center potty!  Waymond (St. Raymond - they're on a first-name basis) potty!  Howwy Spiwit potty!  Store potty!  Westauwant potty!!!"  Etc.  We went to a one-hour concert at school and he used the bathroom three times.  But hey, it's better to be over-enthusiastic than a pants-wetter, right?

One of the nice things about him being potty trained is that he poops a lot less often (this paragraph is about flatulence and feces - skip ahead if you're eating!).  The not-so-nice thing is that he's REALLY gassy because he's holding it in.  And the gas smells like poop.  So for about an hour before he poops he smells like he pooped in his pants.  And I'm constantly checking to see if he did, but no, he didn't.  Not even once.  He just has NASTY farts.  But since he's pretty much continuously vile-smelling, I can blame any of MY gas on him :P

He is also VERY excited every time he uses the potty at home.  For a while I had to remind him to use the potty, but now he's almost entirely self-guided.  Problem is, as soon as he gets the urge, he drops his pants.  WHEREVER he is in the house.  And then waddles over to the potty, pants around his ankles, pants and underwear often falling off as he crawls up the stairs to get to the potty. 

Since I can't take pictures, here's what you can imagine it looks like...

But then he's SO excited when he's all done - "A BIG bit of pee!" or "Just a wittle bit of pee." or "I pooped AND peed!" or "Just a wittle turd." or (my personal favorite) "You did NOT have a wittle turd!"  For some reason he can only refer to himself in the first person when he manages to poop.

And he's excited to tell everyone he knows that he wears underwear now.  He spent a good portion of Mass last Sunday saying, "You're weawing UNderwear!"  Which I'm sure prompted many of the ladies around us to check and make sure their skirts were properly adjusted...  Of course, he's also very excited about anything that happens while he's wearing underwear.  "You farted in your underwear," he says, matter-of-factly.  I promise, that time it really wasn't me...  Or "You did NOT pee in your underwear!"

And that's a (almost) 2.5-year-old giving you his perspective on being potty trained.  You can tell our lives are exciting!


  1. I *like* lots of text. And my smile muscles are now hurting.

  2. The SECOND person. This is NOT a difficult concept! No wonder he can't figure this out.


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