Sunday, January 1, 2012

In a nutshell...

This is how present opening went Christmas morning...

After Mass we came home for brunch with the family and tried to get some good pictures in front of the tree.  Cecilia was NOT okay with this, so we gave her a present to appease her.

But you know what happens when a little boy hears the word "present" - he has to come running!

And here you see the little hand going for his sister's present...

But the ribbon was tricky, so Dad had to come in to help.

Cecilia was happy to observe John Paul opening a present.

But she finally got hers back!

Only to have it ripped away by her brother, who hands her some wrapping paper and kisses her to make up for it!

Then, despite having a pile of his own presents, John Paul had to steal the present back from Cecilia after we gave it to her.

Once again, the ONLY acceptable present is the one your sibling is playing with!

Luckily, Grandma showed them that they can play TOGETHER!

And here they are later, in various states of undress...  Aunt Sister was just TOO excited by the matching Star Wars!

Hope your Christmas morning was less hectic than ours!
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