How to keep toddlers entertained

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The kids spend a LOT of time staring out the window at various things going on.  But sometimes something REALLY exciting happens.  Like the dump truck comes by.  OR THE LAWNMOWER MEN COME BY!!!

The yardwork guys always look confused when they see the kids watching them as though their job is the MOST amazing thing in the world.  But honestly, it IS the most amazing thing in the world when you're 1 or 2!  And I certainly don't mind them staying by the door for 20 minutes, fascinated by the intricacies of cutting the grass...


  1. Speaking as one who has been doing a lot of yardwork in the heat, give those guys some ice water or limeade! It would be an act of Christian charity, and the kids would learn from it, too!

    1. Well they're on riding mowers going too fast or using weedwhackers with open blades and headphones... Not going to open the door and risk the kids running out and trying to touch the tools!


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