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Monday, June 25, 2012

Proof that this really is a blog for my mom...  Only my mom will care about this!  But I know she'll be excited, so I'll post it.

John Paul was reading one of those "first reader" books (holy cow those things are boring!) and it had a little guide saying that this book was for kindergarten & first grade students.  So I thought, "I wonder what his actual reading level would be if we tested it?"

A quick google search led to this site, so I used the two reading tests in boxes that they have.  Copied and pasted, printed out, and asked John Paul if he wanted to take a reading test.  He was SO EXCITED!!!

The first test on the page was no problem for him until the 6th box - "Quality" "Urge" and "Grieve" tripped him up (but not a single mistake until then, and now that he's read those words for the first time he knows them forever!).  So according to the test that's a 4th grade reading level...  For an almost-3-year-old.

The second test went about the same - not a single error or hesitation until "Realized" and "Interrupted" (although in between boxes he had to pause to listen to the Gettysburg Address and run around in circles riding on a toy...).

And he was SO.  Excited.  The WHOLE time.

So I think maybe we don't have to worry about improving reading level for a while, right?

*Edit:  He got a sticker for every box he read correctly.  So 10 minutes later he asks to do "Test number 3???" but I didn't have any more, so I gave him the 2 he had already done.  He took all the stickers off and is now testing himself, reading all the words from a box and saying, "YOU GET A STICKER!!!"

Seriously, this kid never needs a teacher...

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  1. This kid is ridiculous! He's going to have so much fun with the SATs and all that!

    And yes, he does need a teacher. But you know that!

    Thanks for posting this funny tidbit! Oh, John Paul. You are such a silly boy!


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