Our busy Saturday

Friday, June 29, 2012

We had quite a busy day this past Saturday!  After Mass and the farmer's market in the morning, we had a very exciting outing...  A visit to the Playseum in DC, a kind of hybrid children's museum/used bookstore.

The kids LOVED the grocery area, even though the materials were scattered all over the floor and checkout area...  Andrew and I did more cleaning up than playing because it was such a mess :(

And John Paul was SO excited to play cashier and press the buttons!

Cecilia served us some tea.

And, of course, played with dolls.

While John Paul stayed occupied for quite a while with an old typewriter.

And then an old rotary phone.


We made pizza and John Paul "took my order" while another older girl immediately made my "pizza" (out of felt).

Then we headed to dinner (after a stop at The Container Store, which is apparently HEAVEN for a toddler because every trash can in there is clean and you can touch the lids!!!).

And Cecilia posed for Dad while John Paul and I were in the bathroom.

Here's her "smile" face again...

And what better way to cap off a VERY busy Saturday than a trip to the fountain?

It took a while for the kids to warm up to the idea, but they were SO excited!

Cecilia particularly liked pointing out all the other babies.

And the kids chased each other around a fair amount.  

Mostly, Cecilia spun around in circles while John Paul ran around the whole fountain.

I think she got more daring than he did!  

But they tended to stick to the edges.

And come back to Mom and Dad for frequent check-ins!

All in all, two wet and tired kids!   A successful summer day :)

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