Picnic time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It was perfect weather for a picnic, so we headed to a park within walking distance of our house for a dinner of farmer's market tomatoes, peaches, salad (Costco mozzarella), and homemade focaccia.  Yum!

Cecilia ate a few bites and then had to go exploring...  But, impressively enough, she kept her hat on!

Then John Paul requested a picture with Dad.  

Also a picture of Cecilia.  And a picture of Mom's sunglasses.  And a picture of John Paul eating bread.  Etc.

And he actually finished most of his food before he went running off.  But hey, what's the point of a picnic if the kids have to sit the whole time?  So he carried his bread with him and eventually finished it, even though he collected a stick and a rock in the process.

Then they found a gravel-covered bench to play on!

Super fun!

And we finished it off with a little bit of time on the playground.  Such a tasty, fresh meal with wonderful weather and the perfect company :)

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