11 months in with twins

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well, we're more than 11 months into this twin thing.  Almost a year!  Suffice it to say the twins are more different from each other every single day! 
Here are some individual highlights::
Looks SO much like Andrew
Loves chasing John Paul and Cecilia if they crawl around for her
Smiles and smiles and smiles all the time, unless she's upset in which case everything is AWFUL!!!  There seems to be no middle ground
Still has 4 (adorable) teeth and no sign of more
Pulls up on everything, stands independently, crouches down and picks stuff up and stands up again but has only just started being interested in walking while holding my hands (no independent steps yet)
Thinks Cecilia laughing is HILARIOUS
Takes a bottle from Cecilia like a pro, even with her nasty iron drops in it
Loves to stand on the couch and jump while holding on to the back
Flaps her arms and kicks her feet wildly with excitement every time I get her from the swing at the end of naptime
Really enjoys putting toys into other toys, and "sharing" with us - gets SO excited when we give a toy back after she gives it to us
Mary Claire:
LOVES books, and will sit quietly being read to for as long as she can hold your attention (which is never long because there's usually another disaster looming)
Points to every individual item on a page and mimics me as I name them (with pretty good success - it's scary!)
Baby's first homeschooling denim jumper?
Uses her pointing skills to pick her nose, and will also point to her nose and mouth if I ask her to
Cecilia, 10 months
Looks a lot like Cecilia did at this age, still
Waves excitedly at me from her swing every time I get her from a nap
Very distinctly calls me "Mammmm" and Andrew "Dadadadada" - also says words resembling "ball" and "bear" and "bye"
Can climb a flight of stairs more quickly and quietly than we can catch!
Stands independently and has taken 1-2 steps at a time on her own.  Wants to be walked around while holding my hands ALL. THE. TIME!
4 teeth, no sign of more
They both still LOVE peek-a-boo and especially love playing it with each other in the little play tent.  And today I witnessed their absolute cutest playing yet - Elizabeth tackled Mary Claire and very gently shrieked in her face and Mary Claire just giggled over and over again.  It was hilarious and amazing!
Still nursing both exclusively but I'm excited to start them on cow's milk, probably around Christmas - I'll still pump for them at work for a while just because I know my supply won't taper off during the day immediately, plus I want to give them the benefits of nursing as long as I can!  But hopefully by the end of the school year they'll be able to take cow's milk while I'm gone so I can just nurse them when I'm at home and not worry about pumping.
The process of nursing is interesting, to say the least.  You know how older babies get all acrobatic with their nursing?  Well, imagine two babies nursing while simultaneously trying to jump and grab each other's eyes.  Yeah, it's fun.  Or something?
Sleep is getting better - right now they start out in separate rooms but I'd like to either move them in together or move Mary Claire into John Paul and Cecilia's room so that we have the guest room free again.  Some nights we don't even end up with a baby in bed with us at all! 
I can't believe they're almost 1!  We need to start planning their party - more for us than for them, of course :)


  1. Plan it for Thanksgiving so I can come! They won't even notice that it's 2 weeks late.

    1. I don't want that many leftovers around for that long :P We can easily do a second birthday party, though! I mean, they'll need ice cream cake, right?

  2. How precious are these two!? Love how they play together--that must be so fun to watch! :)

  3. Still so adorable! And changing SO fast!

  4. But what I want to know is...who's your favorite?


  5. I cannot get over the nursing imagery! You are a champ and will always be my hero. They are lucky girls.

  6. Nursing twins is a riot, isn't it? My twenty-month-old girls have to be stopped from poking and whacking each other, and often giggle and unlatch. It's adorable and frustrating and sweet.

  7. No wait, not Thanksgiving, because we'll be in NJ! (JK - we can do something with y'all another time, if need be - planning around Meg is paramount! :)


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