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Monday, October 28, 2013

Yeah, I've had this sitting in my drafts folder for over a month.  Good job, me!

JP, clearing his throat:  Oh, I live in a red Chrysler car-van.  It's a sports car!  And I go one, and then TWO HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR!
Cecilia:  And I wive in a purple and pink car!  Mr. Jones, have you eated your cake yet?  Mr. Jones, have you peed in da potty?  HEY!

JP: Hey, what are we doin' today? I'm 50 months old!
Cecilia: Would YOU wike to go to da MOON today?
JP: Um, nope.
Cecilia: Would I wike to go to da moon today?
JP: Um, yup. When it's Aunt Sister's birthday! On September 21!...

*big kids race off to play together*


Cecilia to Elizabeth, after SEVERAL minutes apart:  Oh Ewizabif, I'm so happy to find you! 
Cecilia:  And now I'll chop off your head!!!

Yup, that pretty much sums up her expression...

Cecilia, hugmauling Elizabeth:  Oh Ewizabif, you're my pwecious baby in da whoooooole world!


John Paul:  Me and Cecilia are the second people God created!
Me:  Oh yeah?  And who were the first?
John Paul, matter-of-factly:  Adam and Eve.

So there you are, a slightly altered version of the creation story...


John Paul and Cecilia are playing store together...

John Paul:  I just need to buy some sangria.
Cecilia, holding out an orange lego:  Here's a piece of owange juice!
Cecilia, holding out a red lego:  And here's a piece of stwawbewwy juice!
Cecilia, holding out a brown lego: And here's a piece of...  Brownie juice!
John Paul:  Great, now we have sangria!  That costs...  Forty cents!


Cecilia is lying on Andrew's lap and wiggling his ears...

Me:  What are you doing, Cecilia?
Cecilia:  I'm fwapping Dad's ears!
Me:  Why?
Cecilia:  Because he's fwyin'!
Me:  Oh...  Where is he flying?
Cecilia:  To de airport! *singing*  Yoooooooooooooou backyard fwiends, da backyaaaaaaaaaardigans!  Shooby dooby dooby dooooo...
Andrew:  Scooby doo?
Cecilia:  Oh, Scooby Doo is a show about monsters!
Cecilia:  Dad, your whiskers are COLORFUL!

One of her rare non-talking moments...  Yes, I know her strap is twisted - she buckled herself.

Cecilia, coming up to Elizabeth on the changing table:  Oooohhh Ewizabif, I wuv you so much dat I never knew you!
Cecilia:  Hey, she has a cwotch just wike I!


Cecilia, bursting into the room while I was changing:  Mom!  Wemember not to poop on me!

I promise, I always remember not to poop on her...

Throwback summer picture that never got posted!

Cecilia:  John Paul, would you wike to go pickle picking?
John Paul:  Oh, it's NOT pickle season!!!

Glad I've educated them on when we pick different types of produce - it just stinks when those pickle plants aren't producing!


Cecilia, right before bedtime:  Wemember not to weave me awone in da dark in da middle of da floor!

Yes, standard bedtime procedure is for me to throw her in the middle of the room, hit the lights and slam the door...


John Paul, watching me crack my knuckles:  Mom, why are you breaking your bones?
Me:  Well, it's called cracking my knuckles, I'm not really breaking my bones...
John Paul:  And how old will I be when I can break my bones?

And there you have it, the kids who never fail to disappoint!


  1. Your kids are awesome. I love that they shop for sangria!

  2. They are hilarious. I love it. The sangria shopping is my favorite (of this edition). Not to rush things, but I am really excited for Anna to reach the funny-quote stage!

  3. I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying. And burping, too. This is a first.

    I love Elizabeth's quotations. Getting hug-mauled really makes her verbal, doesn't it?

  4. I am laughing out loud. For real. They are so funny!

  5. These never ever fail to make me laugh. I'll chop your head off! Sangria! Breaking bones! Your kids are so awesome.

  6. So good. Do they really call your sister Aunt Sister? That's the cutest!! My kids have an Aunt who is a Sister also :)


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