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Friday, October 18, 2013

 I'm exhausted.  SO tired.  Andrew's in concert season and had 2 concerts and 3 rehearsals last week, plus 2 rehearsals so far this week, one tonight, and concerts on Saturday and Sunday.  Not to mention the fact that I'm getting sick.  Blech. 
So obviously the solution is to sit here blogging instead of going to sleep.
Well, actually I'm sitting here blogging instead of washing dishes.
I was going to make this into a whole blog post, but then I got too tired...
I swallowed a penny. Git bad.  I could have choked.  I'm sorry.  I should always obey.  I was very scared.

This essay was John Paul's punishment for swallowing a penny.  My most brilliant 4-year-old somehow managed to find a penny during naptime, and the babysitter heard him screaming bloody murder from the basement.  He spent a good 20 minutes sobbing and begging her to "take it out!!!"
So I consulted Dr. Internet, who told me that most things kids swallow (even like, tacks!) pass through no problem, but pennies and batteries are trouble because they can lead to zinc poisoning. 
"Go straight to the ER!" said the Internet.
So I called our actual doctor, who told me to fork through his poop for a few days and to call if it didn't pass.  I felt kind of like Kelly, back in her poop vial days.
Anyway, I spent two days holding an old sour cream container under him while he pooped, at which point I realized we have little potties that we could use instead of the stupidest system ever.
So I cleaned off a little potty, set it up in the bathroom, and then he pooped out the penny!!!
He and Cecilia are still talking about it.  He used my old cell phone to pretend-call the doctors...
JP:  Hello?  Dr. Murphy?
Me, being Dr. Murphy:  Yes John Paul?
JP:  Um, I pooped out the penny!
Me:  Wow, great job!
JP:  And do you know why we have a clock with popes on it?
Me:  No, can you tell me?
JP:  *long pause*  Um, I have to go.  *hangs up phone*
It's a Pope Pius clock, in case you're wondering.  12 Pope Piuses - it's always Pope Pius o'clock!
In other news, now that I've joined smart phone land, I'm on Instagram. 
Really it's the only reason I wanted a smart phone.  I love it.  Come follow me!
"I'm a butterfwy hen!  Dwink your bottle, wittle girl!"

(that's how they get their nasty iron supplements, and somehow Cecilia actually makes them drink it better than I do!)
"It fits me vewwy perfeckwy!" -- in a 12-month costume...
I'm overdue for an 11-month update on the twins.  I even have some really cute pictures of them on my camera card.  Maybe I'll get to that one of these days...
Anyway, they're still cute!  And every once in a while I'm NOT holding/wearing one or both!
A pre-dinner concert from the under-1 crowd
"Helping" with the dishes
What else have I been too lazy to post about?
Well, we went apple picking and I have some hilarious pictures that I might post some day...
I took pictures for WIWS and never posted them, so maybe I'll do a 2-for-1 this Sunday...
I took Theme Thursday pictures too, but never posted them.  Mostly because random pictures of pumpkins just didn't seem that compelling of me.  Here I was thinking our leaves would turn in time for "Orange" as a theme, but Fall keeps deciding to postpone its arrival!
Oh and I've been trying to take outfit pictures on a more regular basis to give you some day-to-day style inspiration.  I just got two great cardigans from Twice and am figuring out different ways to style them.  I think cardigans are a mom ESSENTIAL, but it's soooo easy for them to look frumpy.  I updated the blog to add a "Style" page so that my more informational posts are grouped in one place with some helpful links, too.
Anyway, my outfits are middle school and high school-tested.  On any given day at least 2 students will compliment my outfit, although I'm not entirely sure I should take that as a good thing...  But I like these two, so maybe these students have decent fashion sense, even though half of them still think leggings count as pants...
Okay, enough miscellany for you?  Check out more Quick Takes at Jen's


  1. One of my kids swallowed a dime one time! Same deal...said she'd poop it out. We think she did? But...we didn't really check too hard. But she's now 10, so I think all is good. lol

  2. Welcome to Instagram; am now following you.
    LOL I didn't post for Theme Thursday for exactly the same reason.
    Sorry about all the soloing during concert season; glad you get to spend it surrounded by cuteness.

  3. JP is waaaaay too good at writing. You meant to say he's 14, right? And so funny.

  4. My brother swallowed a quarter once. My mom called the nurse triage line and the conversation went something like this:

    "Yeah, my son swallowed a quarter."
    "Oh, stuff like this happens all the time. He'll probably be ok and just pass it. How old is he?"
    "I'm sorry, I'm just trying really hard not to laugh. I was expecting, like, 2."

    Not sure it ever ends. :-)

    1. 13!!! I thought we were off the hook with this kind of thing, but apparently 4 isn't too old to swallow coins (and neither is 13 :P)!

  5. Oh, I'm soooo sorry about the penny-induced stress (although think of the laughs and chuckles you provided the world by going through that, and blogging about it).

    Also, lovely outfits! I'm looking forward to having a waist again so that I can try something along those lines. :-)

    1. I was trying so hard not to laugh when I found out what happened! Poor kid was SO distressed - I've never seen him so scared, so I definitely felt a little bad :P

  6. Your JP is a genius!! Seriously, a genius. And, I'm so glad you're on Instagram!

  7. Pleeease tell me you are going to save that letter of JP's - it will be so funny to read when he's older! Glad everything turned out okay! And pulling out the cardigans is one of my favorite parts of fall. :)

  8. A pope Pius CLOCK?! This is going to be Tony's merriest Christmas ever!

  9. Welcome to instagram! I do love it too. Maybe too much? I try not to replace blog posts with instragramming but man its easy to do.

  10. I have been trying to brainstorm how I could get Instagram without having a smart phone. It's impossible, right? Because I'm way more capable at disciplining myself at not getting a smart phone than I am at disciplining myself to be a responsible smart phone user (I'm bad enough with checking my computer 800 times a day, it would be much worse if I carried it in my pocket!) So maybe I'll just check all of your pictures. From my computer :)

  11. The second outfit is really cute

  12. at which point I realized we have little potties that we could use instead of the stupidest system ever


  13. My five year old swallowed and open staple on the day he was supposed to go for a fun weekend with his out of town grandparents. Because, apparently, the metal feels nice in your mouth. I was not happy. While we were at the hospital his story underwent a remarkable sea change (as he was lectured by more and more health professionals) from "I liked the way it felt in my mouth, to "I didn't want my little brother and sisters to eat it." It was funny and annoying to watch how he re-presented himself as the hero of the story...

    1. Oh my goodness!!! That would totally freak me out! Love how he changed his story :P


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