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Friday, January 10, 2014


I've got to warn you about this kid - she's got all of Cecilia's cuteness and seems to be headed in the John Paul direction when it comes to intelligence...  She's OBSESSED with bringing me letter magnets and blocks so that I can tell her what letter she has, and she knows a ton of them already.  Cute + Smart is such a dangerous combination! (not that Cecilia isn't smart, but she's not quite at John Paul's level...)

Aaaaand there's nothing cuter than that first tiny little hairstyle, right?


I have determined that a ponytail is NOT a good look for Cecilia:

Yeah, she looks like she has a bowl cut.  Also, HOW is her mouth that enormous???


Then I tried to take a picture of Elizabeth, and failed...

But got a halfway-decent shot with her forehead blocked...

She's absolutely hilarious - always dancing all over the place trying to make us laugh.  As soon as she hears someone laughing she comes RUNNING over, starts laughing on her own and starts dancing to make us laugh harder.  It's pretty incredible.


We finally started getting Christmas cards and letters sent out, but I still have a bunch I need to send because those addresses weren't in our spreadsheet when we printed labels...  So I'm not going to share our Christmas letter yet, but here's last year's if you want it:

The card is horrendous, but I may just upload a picture of it to make you laugh - think portrait studio gone horribly, horribly wrong (but we had a gift card so it was okay!)!


John Paul spent probably 10 minutes coloring in the To: From: on the stencil and then had me fill in the names.  Then he very carefully taped it to his most prized possession, his reference set:

Photo: He probably spent ten minutes coloring in the stencil with a pen before asking me to write the names...  Either he's really sweet to give away his present, or he thinks grandma is the cheapest re-gifter ever!

I'm not sure if it's sweet that he's willing to give away his favorite present, or if he just thinks Grandma is so cheap that she would re-gift a present that doesn't even belong to her...


I've come to the conclusion that my sad lonely link-up was probably just neglected for the holidays (although I was getting fewer linkers every week...), so I'll continue it on a monthly basis and try to give you some warning - how about we shoot for Monday the 27th and link up some funny quotes?


This made me laugh so hard this morning:

They decided the doll stroller is a motorcycle and rode it together, scooting veeeeeery slowly across the room.

Yup, it was hilarious.

That's that!  Check out more takers at Conversion Diary!


  1. Funny children! I'm glad you blogged again—I was in withdrawal!

  2. I want to hug Elizabeth! One of my favorite mottos is "Smiling is contagious and I'm out to get the world infected." Your girl sounds like my type of girl ;)

    God bless!

  3. Its so cute very lovely blog nice very attractive everyone must watch this post.

  4. Haha...laughing at above comment ;) Everyone, watch! I'll link up my monthly posts if you keep it going. I just like to save up my quotes and do it once a month. I don't think I'd have enough to write down for once a week as far as quotes but I'm getting better at writing them down asap or I forget the funny and/or cute thing they said minutes later! The twins are getting so big!

    1. Gotta love the spammers - it's been getting worse since I started allowing anonymous comments, but I'm not submitting to the word verification yet! I spend so long trying to get those things right on other blogs that sometimes I just give up...

  5. Great post! So much fun to see the twins personality blossom.
    I, too will try and keep track of cute quotes for the link-up.

  6. I never have enough quotes to do a weekly post! I'll try to round up some for a monthly one, though!

  7. Ah, the ponytail is too precious! Maybe you just need to go higher with Cecilia's or maybe pigtails.....with bows! Great big gigantic bows! Or maybe I need to stop trying to vicariously style little girls' hair....my husband doesn't approve of me playing with bows in the boys' hair :)

    And with that teaser now I really want to see your Christmas card picture too!

    1. This year turned out okay, but last year's is soooooooo heinous - gotta take a picture or scan it in!

      And the hair - I LOVE doing her hair, but she never keeps anything in. Lately she's been willing to keep pigtails in sometimes, but only if I braid them. Clips and bows... She says no! I don't know why she happened to have a ponytail at that point - I probably thought she wouldn't keep it in so I didn't try to make it presentable, and then of course she chose to keep the style :P

  8. Oh my goodness, the tiny pony tail is so cute! And I never have enough kid quotes to link up, but I enjoy reading yours!


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