7 Quick Takes, Bribery Edition: What I Would Do for an Award

Friday, January 24, 2014

Somehow I was nominated for several categories in Bonnie's Sheenazing Awards:

Funniest Blogger

Best Looking Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Under Appreciated Blog

Best Blog by a Mom

And while I could just say, "Hey, vote for me!" I want to give you a reason to vote for me, and let you know just what the results will be, should I win:


Funniest Blogger

This one kind of baffles me, because there are so many bloggers who are funnier than I am.  I think mostly my kids are funny, so I write what they say and that's probably what gives the appearance that I'm somewhat humorous.  BUT if I win Funniest Blogger, I promise to post even more embarrassing pictures of myself so that you have something to laugh at.  I may even record a conversation with Cecilia so you can hear the inspiration behind some of these quotes.  Heck, I'll give you a conversation with Cecilia right now:


Best Looking Blog - Is it the never-ending sidebar that gets you?  Or perhaps the stark blue background?

Again, I think I have my kids to thank for this nomination - I can only assume that they are so cute that my pictures of them qualify me, in someone's mind, for the title of "Best Looking Blog."  If I win this award, I guarantee even more pictures of my gloriously beautiful progeny, AND I will put my Sheenazing Badge in my header for the entire year.


Best Lifestyle Blog - I can only guess that my amazing homeschooling experiments such as letting my kids pour out all the salt all over the table qualifies me for this one.  Sometimes we do crafts, and I cook, and try to post about fashion...  If I win this award I will continue instagramming our craft fails and science "experiments" so that you can feel better about how clean your house is and how awesome your structured homeschooling is compared to our style, which can only loosely be described as "unschooling" since even that title would require some sort of "schooling."


Best Under Appreciated Blog - What I really want is not to even qualify for this one!  If you're on Google+ or on Blogger, could you click that little "Join this Site" button with Google Friend Connect?  I've gotta have more than 87 followers, right?  Riiiiight?  If I win this one, I promise to badger you every single day with a reminder to click that little "join" button so that I can soon become the winner of a NEW category (currently occupied alone by one Kelly Mantoan), "Best Blog that was ONCE Under-appreciated but now boasts enough followers to gain the status of Appreciated!"

So vote for me!!!  Do you love my little Under-Appreciated blog?  DO YOU???  APPRECIATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Blog by a Mom - I know I've got no chance, friends.  I'm in this category (and others!) with some seriously big guns, but iiiiif I somehow win this one, I promise to continue giving you far too many details about our crazy life, including yet another "day in the life" post in which I bore you with the minute-by-minute details of how we get through a day.  You're so excited for this one, I promise!


And my sister was nominated too!

Most Inspiring Blog

Smartest Blog

Funniest Blogger

I guarantee you that if you vote for her, she will start posting more often so that she can live up to the hype!  Really, two posts in January?  It's like she was helping me take care of a million kids and THEN went to Hawaii or something.  No idea why she's not willing to sit in front of the computer instead of like, hanging out on the beach.  Lame.  Seriously lame.


So what are you waiting for?  Go here and vote!

But in all seriousness, I know it's unlikely that I'll win any category - I'm just so touched that any of you enjoy reading this blog enough to nominate me for anything!  You can only vote once, and I totally understand if you choose someone else - thanks for thinking of me :)

And quick reminder - What They Said is coming back as a link-up on Monday - be prepared for some awesome quotes from the kids, and link up your own!

Linking up with Conversion Diary (Ms. Coolest Blogger 2013) - check out more Quick Takes there!


  1. Ha! I know, when I saw the other people in the lineup for the categories, I was sort of like "Oh. I give up now!" I think the sad sad demise of Google Reader has made the whole following thing kind of moot, unfortunately. Since it ended, I don't think anyone really uses that to follow a blog anymore so it's not at all accurate of a site's readership. The only time I really click on it now is to give a blogger some encouragement but I usually don't remember because I follow via other ways now. (I followed yours long ago, though! It was the sidebar that sucked me in ;)
    Brian made me laugh at my nomination for "Best Most Underappreciated Blog" award..."So people should like you but they don't?" Ah, my loyal support ;)

    1. I agree, I was never able to figure out what that actually means or does, so I didn't put it in my blog and I actually don't follow any that way, not singling you out!

    2. Still so angry about Google Reader...

      Anyway, I try to follow via the random friend connect thing if I remember, usually to reciprocate when someone follows me, but also sometimes I like to give a little, "Hey, I'm reading your blog even though I rarely comment!" nod, you know? Feedly is so anonymous, although bloglovin' isn't, but since I mostly add things via feedly I like to give the extra "Hi!" join. But I know that people follow different ways - I still think it's weird that my mom gets email subscriptions instead of reading in a feed reader!

      And the underappreciated award makes me laugh too - it's kind of like everyone nominated wins that one EXCEPT the one with the most votes!

    3. I mostly do stuff with Bloglovin, but a lot of times I just type "r" in my browser and you pop up. Cuz I'm your mom and I'm stalking you. And I kinda think I'm allowed. How else am I going to get news? ;-) And no, I didn't nominate you. I might have if I'd noticed that the Sheenazings were on again, but they went right over my head until everybody started saying OOH OOH VOTE FOR ME. Then it was too late for nominations.

  2. I'm not sure you can be classified as under appreciated when you've been nominated in five categories!

    I didn't think I cared if anyone read my blog since I mostly write it for the grandparents but now all this blog awards talk is giving me a blogging complex...maybe my sad little blog just needs a pep talk....."it's okay blog, you may not be sheenazing but you're.... um....sheentastic?.....err.....sheenarific?......well, you're......special anyway--bless your heart."

    Well, I'll just have to pick myself up and go take my non-sheenazing self over and vote for you right now--under appreciated no longer! ;)

    1. And I totally thought it was just my mom who nominated me, but apparently she didn't! At least one person thinks this blog is good!

      Anyway, I totally used to write only for me and my mom, but it's kind of fun writing for other people now! Gives me a sense of community that I don't have around here, plus I can get a little adult interaction without leaving my couch :P I love your blog, especially the pictures, I just always want you to post more!

    2. Aww thanks :) I like having my internet friends now too--it definitely makes me feel less alone during the day....not that I'm actually ever alone! I still always feel silly posting things that aren't strictly grandchild updates, but I think that's more of a personal problem with high-school me who pops up occasionally and thinks everyone secretly thinks she's lame :)

  3. Congrats, Rosie! :) And I agree with what Christina said--I think the fact that you're nominated in 5 categories means that people really appreciate this wonderful site!

    And by the way--oh my goodness, that video of Cecilia telling the story of Christmas is priceless. What a little cutie pie--and it's obvious that she's gotten lots of teaching from her parents. You are doing such a great job!

    1. She's such a hoot! I was trying to figure out where she got the "Herod wanted to destroy him" and was reading through one of her books and found it there - apparently she's got a good memory :)

  4. Congrats on your many nominations!
    I agree the blue is calming.

  5. That is awesome! Congrats on all the noms!

  6. I come here to see what Cecilia is saying about poo. ;)
    But seriously, congrats and good luck! Your blog is always a delight.

    1. You know, it is a running theme of the blog :P I have a feeling I need a "Cecilia talking about poop" tag because it happens so often!

  7. "And they twaveled—no, they didn't twavel!" Apparently one travels only by camel. Otherwise one wides a donkey or walks.

  8. Oh trust me, I voted for you and I will NOT let you forget about posting more embarrassing pics if you win :) :) :)


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