What They Said: Volume 8, Cecilia-style

Monday, January 27, 2014

In honor of Cecilia's third birthday tomorrow, this edition of What They Said is dedicated solely to things she's said recently!  Remember to link any of your recent posts using the tool at the bottom :)

Me:  Cecilia, did you know that you're beautiful?
Cecilia:  Um, yeah!
Aunt Sister:  And why are you beautiful?
Cecilia:  Because of my sparkle shoes!!!
thinking hard...
Cecilia:  And God made me!!!

Cecilia, pooping:  Wook, it fell near da tissue!
Me:  Yup...
Cecilia:  Maybe da tissue is its bwanket!
Me:  Probably not...
Cecilia:  Or maybe its swimsuit?



Cecilia, sitting on the potty and leaning forward to touch my earrings:  Hey, some of my fingers aren't even wet anymore!
Me:  When did they get wet?
Cecilia:  Um, a couple of years ago.
Me:  How did they get wet a couple of years ago?
Cecilia:  ...No, dey were JUST wet!
Me:  And how did they just get wet?
Cecilia:  Um, because I dipped dem in da potty.

So glad you were just touching my face, then...

Cecilia, trying on a pair of the twins' overalls:  Dey fit me!  I can wear dem!
Me:  No, they're not your size so that won't work.
Cecilia:  What size are dey?
Me:  18 months.
Cecilia:  So when I'm 18, I can wear dem!
Me:  ...Sure...  Fine...
Cecilia:  And I'll wear a SHIRT wif dem!

Always a good idea to wear a shirt under your overalls as an 18-year-old girl...  Goodness I hope that's something we never have to argue about!!!


Andrew scolds John Paul for doing something obnoxious at dinner...

Cecilia:  Um Dad, wemember dat Jesus is in your heart?

Same meal, Andrew jokes about John Paul being defective...

Cecilia:  Dad, God made him!!!

And therefore he's obviously not defective!  Parenting ftw!

Cecilia, lying under the Christmas tree: I'm sleeping under a tree so what animal am I?
Me: A bunny?
Mary Claire: Hop!


Cecilia:  Dere was a girl, and a bowl of cheerios, until a spider came!!!

Best. Story. Ever.


  1. OK, mine's more of "what he did" than "what he said" but please don't kick me out for not following the rules!! :)

  2. Agree, great storytelling!
    Love the toddler theology!!

  3. Omigoodness-how does she look so old all of a sudden?! I just love her little pigtails. She's a storyteller!

  4. My oldest always says.. Okay this is 3T so I can wear it, right?

  5. Oh, my. Cecilia, don't tell the others, but your quotes are the best. Happy birthday, little one. Us January babies are the best. :)

    And Rosie, thanks for doing the link-up again! Convenient that I had an epic bedtime to report.

    1. She really is the funniest! But Mary Claire might give her a run for her money when she's verbal enough :P

  6. Haha, I love how little girls love their sparkle shoes, and she is a great storyteller!

  7. She put your husband in his place...too funny!

  8. That girl of yours is too dang cute (ok all four of your kids are adorable!) but those little pig tails just get me!

  9. I love her outfit! She is too funny...I bet your are NEVER bored.

  10. I've heard my husband tell stories that sound very similar to the last one Cecilia told... lol. :-)


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