What They Said, Vol. 7

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sooo I'm thinking that given the lack of link-up participants in the past couple weeks, nobody wants me to continue this as a link-up?  I promise I don't mind, it saves me a few minutes not having to worry about the code...  So we'll just go back to the sporadic quote-posting that I did before!

Most priests don't have to deal with one-year-olds yanking the "chalice" off the "altar" and spilling the "wine" on the floor...

Anyway, life got in the way of posting this past week, as did the fact that our laptop stopped working and I really didn't want to blog from my phone!  So I've been MIA and am popping in for a quick quote update as I puzzle through everything else floating around in my head and consider perhaps posting something of substance for the first time in a long while...

Grainy phone photos courtesy of the fact that the laptop was kind enough to die immediately after I imported a bunch of photos and erased them from the memory card...

Me:  John Paul, if you're not going to eat your kiwi you can give it to the babies.
JP, excitedly:  So they can drop it on the floor!!!

Pretty much...

Cecilia, singing:  Joy to da world, our Word is gweat.  What forth, we come, what hooooo!

Yup, that's how it goes.


Cecilia, pooping:  Wook at all da turds!
Me:  Yup, looks like you have five in there.
Cecilia, holding up three fingers:  And dat makes FWEE!
Me:  ...Nope, it makes five...
Cecilia, puzzled:  Mom, don't be siwwy!

Nobody ever claimed she was our smartest child...

Elizabeth, begging me to pick her up:  Bee!  (Please)
Mary Claire, begging for me to pick her up:  *shriek*
Me:  Mary Claire, say please.
MC:  Puppy!
Me:  No, not puppy.  Please.
MC, touching bellybutton:  Beep!
Me:  No, please.
MC, stubbornly:  Bee beh BUH! (B says buh, a la leapfrog fridge phonics)
Me:  No, say please.  Or Pee.  Or Bee.
MC:  *shriek*

So glad we've got another stubborn one on our hands...

Mary Claire is dropping food from her high chair tray onto the floor...

Andrew:  Mary Claire!  Stop dropping food on the floor!
MC:  Puppy!!!

And there you have it.  Carry on.


  1. Oh, I'm bummed you didn't have enough participation to continue the link-up! Anna is just on the brink of being an active/hilarious participant ;)

    The best from this week is that she has learned to emphatically nod "yes" to questions (and seems to have a decent mastery of the proper use of yes and no). So as I was changing her on Sunday morning, I said, "Anna, do you want to go to church and see Jesus today?" I was expecting the yes (she gets pretty excited about "Dees"), but she solemnly folded her hands in prayer. I asked her, "are you going to be a good girl in church?" and she just as solemnly shook her head "no." I was already on the fence about whether or not to take her (we were out of town and their Mass time was during nap time) - so guess who got left home with grandma!

  2. I love the link-up! Things have been super hectic lately, but I would join in at least once a month.

    And the twins are talking! Your hilarity is about to double!!!

    1. Maybe I'll try doing it at the end of each month? I'll figure something out :)

  3. My baby doesn't talk yet so I love reading the hilarity of those with young ones.

  4. I want to hear everybody's funny kid sayings! You need to ask Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas; her kids are hilarious, too!

    When Mary Claire threw her food off her highchair tray and then said "puppy," I'm pretty sure she was asking for a dog who could vacuum the food up. :-)

    1. Ha, pretty sure she doesn't read this blog :P

  5. heh - "every letter makes a sound..." is gonna be stuck in my head now.

    I didn't even realize that this used to be a link-up. Oops!

  6. No! I think the Christmas season is just terribly busy. I know I have a few posts to link up in the near future if you do continue... Kids are hi-larious!

    1. You're right, that could be it - maybe I'll try to do it monthly?

  7. I always intended to do it. I promise to make a better effort if you keep it going! Monthly would be good. :-)


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