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Friday, January 17, 2014


Cecilia and John Paul set up the chairs in a straight line, and Elizabeth and Mary Claire immediately climbed up and sat down like such big kids!  So I had to grab a picture, and of course the babies were the only ones who cooperated...

But we were using books as props and Cecilia REALLY wanted "Amelia Bedelia Sleeps Over" and John Paul wasn't giving it up...

Mary Claire LOVES flipping through books.  Elizabeth LOVES the taste of books.



I had to return some Christmas clothes for them that were the wrong size, and really wanted to get the same thing in a size up but theeeeen I found these adorable one-piece hooded outfits and I couldn't resist!  Although Mary Claire's makes her look like a boy buuuut it's not like we ever leave the house, so it's cool.


Why yes, she IS wearing two different shoes in that last picture!

She and Elizabeth are always bringing me random items of clothing and demanding to have them put on, so she brought me two different shoes and a babyleg and I obliged.

It suddenly occurred to me that my hair was looking a little terrible...  Because I haven't gotten it cut since before the twins were born!

Here's what happens:

1.  I get my hair cut
2.  I have a baby (or two) and then never have time for another hair cut
3.  Baby turns one and suddenly I realize, "Hey, my hair looks awful!"
4.  And then I realize, "Hey, it's long enough that I might as well just wait and do Locks of Love and get a free cut!"
5.  So I wear it up in a bun for the months it takes to grow long enough...
6.  And by the time I'm ready to get it cut, I'm usually pregnant again.

So I remembered that Sheena  (and a lot of the rest of the internet) cuts her own hair and thought, "Well, why don't I just do that in the meantime?"



Using this tutorial on youtube, it took about 10 minutes, including watching the video!  I messed with the layers around my face a little the next day, but I'm really happy with how it turned out - there's a lot less weight to my hair and I feel like I can wear it down again.


Of course, wearing it down means dealing with baby fingers...  Mostly though, they're not too grabby now, although Mary Claire got tangled in my hair and kindly returned a piece she had yanked out, handing it to me and saying, "Chash!" (trash)



This week's posts:

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WIWS: January-Style - I'm working on a winter style post - it's coming soon!

Not Much But Grace - Perhaps the craziest dinner we've ever had.  Thank goodness they chose the weekend and NOT the day we had our priest over for dinner!


Oh speaking of which, we finally had our house blessed for Epiphany!  We had it planned for the day after but things fell through and we had to wait until this past Tuesday.  And the kids weren't terrible during dinner!  And they weren't terrible during the blessing or afterwards!  And Father very kindly read to Cecilia for as long as she wanted after dinner, even though her first book of choice was "Twinkle Toes" and I don't know that I've ever heard anything funnier than a priest reading, "Oh how I love to dance, I love to twirl, I love to prance..."

So basically it was a miracle.

But I felt really badly, because our newest priest has been at our parish since July and he told us this is the first time he's been to dinner at a parishioner's house.  I couldn't believe it!  I just kind of assume that all priests are so busy that they pretty much are eating at someone else's house every night, so I don't ask...  Clearly I was wrong!

So can you try to have a priest over to dinner?  That's my challenge to you - at least make the offer!  I'm definitely going to try inviting ours over more often (we live 3 minutes from the rectory soooo I've got no excuse!).

That's all I have for you - check out more at Conversion Diary!


  1. Mary Claire is looking at Elizabeth like, "That is NOT what you do with a book." Also, are there one-piece hoodies in adult sizes?? I'd totally buy that...super fashionable over here

  2. It's so sad that people don't think to invite priests over anymore (or maybe they feel awkward or nervous, or like you, assume someone else is doing it!). They're more overworked than ever and receiving less care! Thanks for the public service announcement, I hope it encourages more people to ask their priests! It's a win-win with taking care of them and letting kids see them living their vocation!

  3. I love the look MC is giving E, so telling!

    Your hair is fantastic, come cut mine!

  4. I absolutely love the picture of the twins with the awesome action shot of Mary Claire! Simply adorable

    1. I wish I could remember what she was running for! She's such a hoot, that one :)

  5. Love the hair! (Although I think it looked good pre-cut too. :) )

    MIchael really loves books, so much so that I can trust him not to rip "grown-up" books (although he does make a royal mess by pulling them all off the shelf). I'm hoping his brothers are the same way because we have a LOT of books and I'd rather not have to clear the bottom two shelves of every bookshelf ... we'll see!

  6. I've been cutting my hair for about a year now, I even got a compliment from a hair stylist school student (and instantly regretted letting her touch my hair, I left looking like the MC from Caberet)! When it's longer doing a trim isn't too bad!

    1. I wish I had realized earlier just how easy it is! It's such a confidence boost too, because it looks and feels so much better :)

  7. I really keep meaning to invite our priests over for dinner, but my good cooking/cleaning days are weekends, and I assume they would be busiest then. I AM going to put this on my to do list, though! I think the kids would love it!

    1. I'd help you cook and clean if you'd invite me, too! Remember that I don't have a regular job yet, and it isn't warm enough to prepare the field for pumpkins, so I have time!

    2. Cecilia and John Paul can't stop talking about it! I wonder if you could do a Monday night? Then things would be clean from the weekend and you could do all the meal prep in advance as well. I have a really good slow cooker brisket recipe that I like to use for company, and I just make a homemade mac 'n cheese (that can be made in advance) and green beans, so the prep time after work is minimal!

  8. Love the pix!!! Especially the one of Mary Claire with all that random clothing on. Such a funny phase!

    I don't think MC looks like a boy. The bear (or whatever it is) has a bow in its hair, and the hood is lined with polka dots, so . . . not so boyish.

    Exciting announcement: the house is almost clean enough to have a priest visit for dinner! Admit it, you never thought that would ever happen! But lately my friend Seville has been doing a terrific job working her little fingers to the bone. And a fringe benefit is that she gets anything she wants that I'm about to donate or throw away. We joke that we are now friends with benefits. (But we aren't. Don't worry.)

  9. Love the haircut. Your hair looks great. I've been cutting my own hair for years..it's really not that hard...especially if you have sorta wavyish hair (like I do, and you appear to as well)...the waves can hide a few flaws in the cut. I also got a special scissors that cuts hair in layers...it also really makes haircutting eaiser.

    1. I know, I had no idea it was that easy! I like it better when it's shorter because it dries a lot faster, but this is a lot easier to maintain if I stick with my system of growing it out until it's long enough to get a free haircut ;)

  10. Aa! Your pictures of your cute girls remind me of my twins when they were that little! :) And I think your hair looks great!

    1. Thanks! I can't believe how big the twins are getting... They still seem like such babies, but I'm going to have to start calling them toddlers pretty soon!

  11. Great pictures!

    I love your bangs...do you cut those yourself too? I'd like to cut some bangs similar to yours, but I'm scared they would turn out badly.

  12. Your hair looks cute both before and after the cut. I am always meaning to invite our priests over for dinner and then I get nervous about how bad the kids will behave but I'm sure they've seen it all.

  13. Your hair looks great! I have been cutting my own hair for several years now. I went to the salon once and the girl did a good job, but if I am going to leave the house for some alone time I really do not want to spend it getting a hair cut!
    Looking forward to the winter style post!


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