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Friday, September 5, 2014

Have you been missing me? We're on a bit of a break right now and didn't bring the computer, but let's see how blogging from the phone works, since everyone is napping!

So in the interest of time, here's life in a nutshell lately:

1. Sibling togetherness! Nobody ever wants to be alone around here, which is simultaneously adorable and obnoxious because hello, sometimes I want to be alone!

2. Cecilia's still on a Little House and Narnia kick, so this statue basically made her life:

"I know today was the best day of my life because Aslan talked to me!"

3. Mary Claire is in serious need of a hair cut, so I've just been putting her hair in pigtails all the time to keep it out of her face and yup, it's painfully cute!

4. Elizabeth is hilarious and spends much of her time telling some of her favorite jokes, most of which consist of adding letters to various words and then laughing hysterically. "UnderwearP!!!'ArmadilloT!!!"

5. All our friends are starting kindergarten or preschool and we're just trucking along at home, doing the same old same old. We even actually sent in our "not going to kindergarten" letter for John Paul, so it's official!

Teamwork! Fine motor skills! Totally counts as school.

6. I'm a million weeks pregnant. Well, no, just almost 30. Which makes road tripping super fun. And it makes me all homemaker-y at home. Which results in a lot of pesto and canned peaches. And we're just getting started!

7. And in another "school's starting" vein, I'm not going back to work! And I'm so glad!

So there's your life update if the past few months of posts have been too long; didn't read (I think that's what tl;dr stands for?) - might as well link it up with Jenna AND Jen, since I ended up with 7! Happy weekend to you :)

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