Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stranger Talk {WIWS}

Oh, John Paul.  He did NOT want to stop building his train tracks to leave for Mass, but he also did NOT want to be left home and miss Mass.  It's tough when you can't have things both ways...

Do you see those giant purple mittens?  Cecilia insists that she MUST have them to keep her hands warm on the 15 foot walk to the car and the 50 foot walk into Mass...  And I didn't realize just how huge and ridiculous they look until I saw this picture!

Bitty Baby stays in the car during Mass, don't worry...  Heaven forbid we leave her at home, but leave her in the cold car?  Totally fine.

Scarf & Hat: Zulily
Shirt: ThredUP
Skirt: Old Navy (similar)
Boots: DSW

Anyway, pretty much every week after Mass there's at least one old lady who exclaims over how adorable Cecilia is.  Because truthfully, she is just about the cutest thing in her chapel veil, and when she gets her holy water on the way out of Mass, halfway skips down the aisle to genuflect, and claps her hands Amen?  

It's amazing.  So she was being fawned over in the vestibule by somebody new, and was being shy as usual.  But never fear!  John Paul answered all the questions the lady was asking, and more!

Lady:  How old are you?
Cecilia:  Ducks her head and hides in my coat
Me:  She's almost four.
John Paul: And I'm five and a half!
Lady:  Well, you're getting very big!
John Paul:  Yes!  I have a big head, big hands, and big feet!
Lady:  Tries to think of the appropriate response...
John Paul:  It took me 2 1/2 days to come out of my mom!
Me:  Ooookay, I don't think she wants to hear about my labor with you...  Hey, let's go to the car now!

Poor kid - he never got fawned over the way Cecilia does and I don't think he minds, but I do feel a little bad that everybody pays attention to her in public and ignores him...

This scarf with the chunky knit - how long do you think it'll last?  So far it's gotten snagged on quite a few things, and I put Peter down after he was done nursing this afternoon and had to untangle his fingers since he was grabbing it!  Too bad, since it's the only neutral-colored scarf I have...

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