Winter Mom-Uniform: Nursing-Friendly Dresses!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I've finally settled into a pretty predictable groove these days, and have managed to get dressed in real clothes every day for the past few weeks!  No small feat for a mom with 5 kids, including a 2-month-old. 

 So I spent a lot of time thinking about what was going to work to nurse in and hide my belly during this awkward post partum phase, and while I love the outfits I can make with skirts and the like, what I find myself reaching for most often are my dresses.  It's so much easier to get dressed in the morning when it's just a matter of throwing on a dress (and belt, leggings, and scarf because it's chilly!), rather than actually have to match a top and a bottom.

Not to mention the fact that my hips are a good 6 inches larger than their "normal" size (and my waist and chest are also 5-6 inches larger), so anything fitted doesn't *actually* fit, and anything stretchy isn't flattering.

Putting Me Together

One of the only fashion blogs I read is Putting Me Together, and Audrey's hosting a style challenge to wear a dress this week.  Done and done!  When I had my first baby I thought I could never wear a dress again, because I had no idea what could possibly work to accommodate a nursing baby.  Along the way (now that I'm on my 5th nursing baby!) I've figured it out - shirt dresses, wrap & faux-wrap dresses, anything with a front opening is perfect for nursing in!  

I always always accessorize with a scarf because it hides the inevitable cleavage and functions as a makeshift nursing cover.  Oh, and it's something for those grabby baby fingers to hold instead of scratching at my skin!

Patterns are a HUGE plus for me, because somebody is always spitting up on me, or rubbing dirty hands on my skirt, or wiping a nose on my hem...  Patterns really hide that part of life, so I rarely find myself purchasing anything that's just a solid color these days!

Scarf: Amazon
Boots: DSW
Belt: Forever 21
Leggings & Dress: Twice

And the same dress at 35 weeks pregnant!
I do still have some solids, but I tend to pair them with multiple patterns to liven up the outfit!

Scarf: H&M (old)
Belt: Banana Republic via ThredUP
Dress: Ralph Lauren via Twice
Sweater: Banana Republic via Twice

And the same dress & sweater last year, as a reminder that eventually I *will* get back to a more normal size for me!

The dress below works better with a wide belt, but I was taking these pictures during naptime and the baby woke up before I had time to find the right accessories!

I absolutely adore sweater dresses, but they're nearly impossible to find in a nursing-friendly style.  So I was really excited to find this one on Twice, since it has a front zipper to make it SO easy to nurse in!

Dress: J.Crew via Twice
Scarf: ThredUP


And the same dress at around 20 weeks pregnant?  Do you see how magical those stripes are?  Camouflage, friends!

And if you're a regular reader you saw this outfit on Sunday - the "pixelated zigzag" dress, according to my 5yo.

Dress: Gap via Twice
Leggings: American Apparel via Twice
Hat: Zulily

What do all these dresses have in common?  Generous waistlines, openings at the front for easy nursing access, and cute enough to make me feel put together even when I'm not leaving the house with my whole brood!

What's your "uniform" this winter?  

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