You Like Me? Really?

Monday, January 19, 2015

I hope this doesn't come across as me being falsely modest, but I was really genuinely surprised when I clicked over to Bonnie's blog today and saw that this little old blog had been nominated for not one, not two, but THREE Sheenazing categories (funniest, lifestyle, and miss congeniality)!

And my sister's right there under "most inspiring!"

Last year I made a push for "most underappreciated" because I thought it was the only one I had a chance for! And after my shocking defeat I realized I really don't *feel* underappreciated. Honestly, I feel just the right amount of appreciated, and maybe a little bit over appreciated (because miss congeniality? Really? I'm so flattered, but I'm pretty sure every single other nominee is probably more deserving than I!)?

I just thought you might like a smoldering baby thrown in here... 
I started this blog to stop inundating Facebook with the constant "my kids are the cutest and most hilarious" status updates, and so I could stop emailing my mom (and sister) 75 times a day with the latest John Paul-isms. (Also I didn't really want to write all these posts on the same old livejournal I used in high school - remember those? Yikes...)

Along the way I discovered the awesome community of Catholic bloggers that's out there, but more importantly I got to connect with you awesome readers.

I know I'm not always the best at responding to comments, but I get so happy and excited to hear what you have to say every time you comment.  If you're a fellow blogger, I love being able to keep up with you and build a friendship that way - I wish we could get together in person to chat! I know I follow a lot of you on Instagram too, and I love seeing those daily glimpses of your lives. So many of you are right here in the trenches with me and I love our camaraderie! Or maybe you're a more experienced parent who has shared your own experiences and offered advice and words of encouragement. Or heck, maybe you're just hoping to start a family of your own one day and you like seeing what you're in for... Thank you!

Thank you for reading, for taking the time to chat, for sharing your life with me and the other wonderful people who are a part of this somewhat nebulous community. Even if you feel like a lurker because you've never commented, that's cool too - I like having you here!

I honestly think that the people who read this blog are the coolest, sweetest people I could possibly know, and I'm thankful that you're willing to spend a little time in this place! I would invite you over to our house, but I might spend the entire visit breaking up fights and nursing the baby... So for the time being, I'd love to chat with you here! Or connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Or there's always good old email!

I know many of us are in that season of life that necessitates a lot of time at home and not a lot of social interaction with the "age-of-reason-and-up" crowd, so thank you for providing me with enough adult conversation to maintain my sanity! And thanks for continuing to read even when I write about poop ;)
You're the best - really! Thanks for being here :)

I'm not expecting your votes, or asking for them - I know the bigger blogs have this all wrapped up and that's cool!  I just like taking a moment to reflect sappily on how much I like you!  And you don't even judge me for my overuse of exclamation points!!!



Now off I go to check out all the new-to-me blogs who made the list (like Mary Big Hair, the ONLY "funniest blog" nominee who wasn't already in my feedly, and um...  She's hilarious and I love her.  You should read her blog!)

Seriously, this is how I feel right now!

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