What I Wore Sunday - 8 Weeks PP

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Did you see??? What I Wore Sunday is back!!! Here's what Cecilia and I wore to Mass today:
Elizabeth didn't come, as usual. I'm working on taking the twins more often (one at a time) but we've all been getting over some sort of bug and they've been extra-whiny so I didn't want to risk the crazy behavior! And Peter's staying home until the weather warms up...

I wish I had taken a picture of John Paul in his plaid pants and argyle sweater vest, but I'm sure it won't be the last time! He's been doing better at Mass lately, thank goodness. Today he just decided to burp loudly during the homily (his new favorite skill), but considering his recent behavior at home (not. good. But I have a whole pile of parenting books on hold at the library, so hopefully we can address that soon), it wasn't too bad.

Seriously, when I asked him why he was behaving so poorly today he told me, "Well, I'm just straying a little from the path of righteousness..."

So yeah, tips on managing incredibly gifted and strong-willed children welcome.

My dress is a new acquisition from Twice, and John Paul tells me it looks like "pixelated zigzags" which I think is an appropriate description. Most importantly, it's nursing-friendly and belly-hiding, so hooray! 

Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday - go check out more outfit posts, and please link-up yourself!  Sarah & Holly are running the blog now and I think they're going to bring a lot of great new energy to it :)

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